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1999 interview with Paul from the Beatles.......









9 Pauls song Long and winding road





The last interview with John Lennon 1980

A fascinating programme presented my Arthur C. Clarke - Quartz Skulls, Batteries and Mechanics all from ancient times

My dear!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I just had to join your group, for all the energy you are putting out here!!!
It is amazing!!!
weren't you the one who said you had learned how to put on these videos and then gave me a lesson about it? You are such a pro!!! Who is your technical assistant, or are you doing this all by yourself?$)(/%$£!!!
I would not like to be a guest at your house for lunch, if you are running the show yourself here....
don't think you have much time for cooking (cleaning, other.....!!)
Great place here, my largest compliments to you. And I have just learned more about you too....that you are a real humour lover. And nothing like some smiles and humour to help people feel more peaceful.
Thanks Steph,

I somehow managed to let your lovely note slip past me until today.

My able assistant is my daughter, who helps me learn all the new things I need to know of operate this establishment.

Lunch at our house is pretty good!
Humour lover, Stephanie ?

This family are the quietest and most miserable I've ever come across in my few short years in this World. It's really hard to raise a bit of fun out of the lot of 'em !!!

And cruel ???????? You should see how I was ridiculed by Sue when I broke my leg last year. I'm only a young lad and needed a little care from a mother figure. She was more concerned the floor I fell on (from quite a height, I add. It was a life and death situation, I can tell ya !) was ok and not damaged in any way !!! Yes ! True. She even, if my memory serves me well, offered a solicitor's address in case the floor wanted to take legal action against me. How about that !

PS. Hehehehehehehheeeeeeeeeeeee !
I'm a real hard nut!!!!!..... lol
I see that there is to be a new series of I'm Sorry I Haven't a Clue, chaired by Stephen Fry. We shall see how this compares with the original and the late great Humph'.
We love Radio 4's humor and am looking forward to that show.
I 've stopped listening now, Les. It is not the same as, by now and since you wrote, they have different presenters all the time Jack Dee's stint was atrocious. The show should've stopped in my opinion. Saying that, plenty of people still love it so it's just me finding it impossible without Humph. He made that show over the past 7-8 years. The writers became more daring and it fitted H.L.'s timing.

A man sadly missed. Not forgetting his fabuluos jazz programme on Radio 2.

All the best, Humph.


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