What does the iPeace Family want?, to bring the Spirit back to iPeace!

Myself personally would like to see.....

1. More active Administrators.
2. The iPeace Family birthday dates.
3. Less group messages (I have 3,040 unread messages} I appreciate the thought very much, But I and others can't read them all and I feel it would be more personal an individual message, unless it's very important to get out a message to as many Family members as possible. I have no real problem with it, but when You have over 1,400 Family/Friends here, it can get overwheming to read them all.
I have only sent less than 10 group messages (to get rid of the Give a Gift Program & notification of iPeace closing) which I'm glad that it hasn't as iPeace was My Oasis, during troubled times and it's My Mother Peace Social Network.
I still don't have trust in the present Administrator, but as I say "Time will Tell", but I do know I Love My iPeace Family and I want the Best for You All.
4. I probably have more, but I would Love to hear Yours.

So let's here from You of Your concerns & ideas. "Happy Trails" & "Happy iPeaceing" Motorcycle Hippy Al

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GOOD, AL....see, even Hippies are bright, dependable, responsable citizens of this world!
Now, I think it is just great that you mentioned these things.
We have done this kind of conversing in the past...LOTS AND LOTS of it.
is there a next step? Will this blog post turn into a discussion and similar to what Paul had done on a previous blog that I believe, had 100 or more posts?
David was just great to write on Homepage, and that is what must continue. That is my bit of suggestion at the moment.
must go skype call coming in
What is this Skype, I have heard about it before. Is it a Defense System of some type? as I don't want to defend against a Peaceful army that is

It's some kind of instant messaging. Right? Remember, I'm still not all that bright, especially on computers, I'm just a little wizardly

(Done by Sophie, Sue's daughter and sent to Me, by Sue, who Loved iPeace and I miss Her) One more thing I personally feel would be better for iPeace, is it bothers Me when I used to Welcome new iPeace Family member to iPeace and already another Family member wants them to join Their group or give Them their personal philosophy. Please just Welcome Them to iPeace.
These are just My honest personal opinions and I don't mean to offend anyone and I would Love to meet You All at an iPeace Family Reunion, down the line. Say in England? "So lets here from You.
Loving You. "Happy Trails" & "Happy iPeaceing" Peace,

Hi Al,

I agree with all you stated.

Blessings and I love the Gandalf pic below.


Lee-Anne for Your comment

"I am what I am"

I totally understand Maria.
I keep comparing all of this to a family.
If you take what has happened here, and say "if daddy left then came back, he should have some explanations, right?" And if he says he comes back for a year only...?

Yes, we need more answers.

We need answers to many questions. BUT I do give David credit for writing something on homepage where it belongs.

It is not easy for everyone to communicate easily, with a natural flow.
It was a good move...let's see if we can get more good moves to satisfy us.

I also think that the people who have left ipeace, who invested in ipeace MAY want to come back...(once again, if a child runs away from home because he has trouble with his parents, he MAY want to come back if things are discussed and if things get better)
If those old members know that things have improved, they may want to come back...I am sure they would. It would be ideal if things would enhance people to come back. Why only put energy into new people....the old ones gave so much and were part of the family!!

Maria, I agree with You & Stephanie. I was just going to be an observer also, but as Stephanie said "iPeace" is My Family and I can't just sit back and do nothing. I also want to bring back those that left and I see some are.
Yes, I also don't like to be dependent on one person, especially someone who has the history that He does have, but He did admit to it.
"Time will Tell" and We as Human Beings have "Free Will" to do what They do. I have tried other sites, but they don't compare to iPeace.
I guess because this was My Oasis, when times were tough, with all of You Beautiful People, helping Me to remain sane.
Loving You All and as I said "Time will Tell"
I can only "Be Here Now"

"Happy Trails" & "Happy iPeaceing"
you know, we people are and will always be divided into many different kinds. From what I have learned there are the
- "Wait and see" people
- "Mad and leaving!" people
-"Don't speak up" group
- "Work on the problems" guys...
there are the
"Let the others speak, I'll be quiet" kinds
-"The quiters" the "Non-hoper's" "The Blamers" "the Naive, everything is fine" group

I won't try to tell someone else that his particular group is wrong, because I have been involved with trying to solve things long enough.
I just keep trying to compare this site to a family, and that way I can see things more easily....because I have never dealt with a group this large, and don't think others are used to it either.
If we put ourselves in others shoes, sandals, barefeet....those feet that sit in front of a computer, finding friends, losing them, giving up hope, or finding sadness in not being here any longer....I say, if we put our antennas out trying t find those people, aren't we doing a really good deed? And if those people find us here again, wouldn't it be necessary for them toknow just what they are finding NOW and what they are going to find in the FUTURE...
just like in a real family, a family that works...not a family with such problems that there is the risk that it falls apart.
What I would like to see on I Peace are 1. An I Peace Group for the Venus Project( http://www.thevenusproject.com ). 2. An I Peace Group for the Holigent Solution( http://www.holigent.org ),and 3. An I Peace Group for Benefitism ( http://www.benefitism.com ). All 3 concepts involve a much better Economic System than Unsustainable CAPITALISM. Yes,I have a really big problem with Capitalism and Capitalist Society.Why should some People Live "High off the Hog" so to speak when OTHER People are Homeless and Living in extreme Poverty? Do You see how appalingly Unfair this Morally and Ethically Corrupt Capitalist Society is Stephanie???And I'm sure that Motorcycle Hippy agrees with Me 100 Percent on this one since Hippies are generally Against Capitalism.
Hi Everyone
I'd be very happy to help with admin - just looking at the members list tells me there are a load of spammers sitting here who need to be ejected - and that's just for starters. iPeace needs a good team to bring it back on track - and take it in new, inspired directions so that there will be no question of it closing in future. I sent a message to David a couple of days ago but he hasn't got back to me. Does he respond to messages?? Is he prepared to have a team running iPeace for him? Does anyone know the answers to these questions??
Love, hugs and blessings all around
Jane x
Another two good comments. Yes Stephanie, there are such a variety of iPeace members. I remember sending birthday wishes to members whose previous comment was My birthday wish from a year ago. Did this stop Me from wishing them a Happy Birthday. "Heck No" and once in awhile I would get a response and sometimes a request for an iPeace Friendship.
"If we put ourselves in others shoes, sandals, barefeet....those feet that sit in front of a computer, finding friends, losing them, giving up hope, or finding sadness in not being here any longer....I say, if we put our antennas out trying t find those people, aren't we doing a really good deed?".....Stephanie
I agree wholeheartedly.
and in Your comment Jane."Does he respond to messages??"
I guess Stephanie is one of the few that gets a response from David and I sent him Many messages. That is the major problem, a non active & non communicative administrator. "Time will Tell" what David's plans are, as I personally can't trust him. Not what an administrator should project.
"Happy Trails" & "Happy iPeaceing" for however We remain in these Earthly body's & as an iPeace Family. Peace, Al

created by Clicia Paven, a sincere, Loving Family member.

by the way......
Question: why does David respond to me?
Answer: I have his private email!! ; )

Ages ago....I did artwork for ipeace, trying to get it to be used for teeshirts, etc. I sent it privately to David for his ok (anyhow, I tried, at least proposing my ideas).
I continued writing to David once in a while, telling him my thoughts and ideas about this site.
He didn't always write back to me, but months ago he and I exchanged several emails.
I tell things like they are, and that is how things have got to be here.
But we need someone to answer us. MANY people, many old members were very disillusioned by not getting answers. They turned into some of the "I am leaving" types. Can't really blame them. But that is not the kind of person I am.
I believe so much in communication that I work and work until the other person sees that there is a problem in communication and until they at least give it a try.
I think David has tried now, perhaps he is working on it more, and that is good.
IPeace SHOULD have an administration team.
iPeace SHOULD have a future, it's a great place, or was a great place.
Would go on and on...but have much to do.
I can't be on an adminsitration team and I am sorry....
but I can see the needs strongly.
What mother in this world would be able to take care of 22,000 people, or even 500 people and keep them happy and well-fed....just impossible.


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