One woman opened a $1000 monthly Listen and Grow Rich Review deposit account in a bank and regularly paid the deposit. It was only at the time of maturity after three years, she realised that she had keyed in the wrong account code, making a stranger $39000 richer: A costly mistake, indeed! An interesting News I read recently. A goose was arrested based on a woman's complaint that it attacked her five-year-old daughter, and it was terrorizing the neighborhood. Animal rights activists got outraged and demanded immediate release of the bird and an inquiry into this. It might be the animal behaved in its own natural way contrast to the human system. This is a simple case of mistaking the poor bird's mind.

In 1962, NASA lost about $80 million due to the grammar error. A missing hyphen in the coding used to set trajectory and speed caused the craft Mariner-1(America's first interplanetary probe) to explode minutes after take off. Arthur C Clarke called it "the most expensive hyphen in history." Mistakes occur due to our negligence and lack of interest in whatever we do. Hastiness and impatience also cause mistakes. Overconfidence and carelessness also end up in failures and losses. Prudence and alertness help in averting possible mistakes. Constant monitoring, supervision and control assure our safety and security. A disaster management system in a place of frequent earthquake is a good example. Do not repent after making silly mistakes, but exercise care in every action of life.

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