Even as a little girl , I was interested in the issues that no one could give me an answers to* smile *
That interest has continued, even if the answers are not so many more now. But today I have a name for my interest, namely philosophy:) So far I have come.

I do not know if this is the right forum for these my thoughts.
Since the majority here has such a strong faith in God, that it does not leave much over for me in my philosophical discussions.
The big questions are already answered by God. In him is also the point of everything.
What is then left to speculate about ?

In any case, my old life reflections on these unanswered questions, I will ask here. I hope that someone is interested to ventilate them, although we have not key

Her comes the first ones *smile*

1.Can there be a meaning in life without believing in a God?

2.Is there any concepts that can be true to everyone? If the answer is no. Does that mean there is no absolute truth?


3.And what conclusion can we draw from that statement?

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yes that is true..we being parts of creator on earth with creator inside connected through the heart.
evil exists and we all have light and dark existing in our creative being.
and we as being conscious are the ones we are judged by.
to sin is to judge our selves and believe that we are bad.
our thot in that belief creates negative energy...which is dispersed into the united consciousness.
one cannot truly hide behind religion...one can only hide from oneself.

blessings to you dear friend !
Maybe believing in a "higher being" sometimes detracts from one's beleief in the vakue one's own life, potentially diminishing the potential for happiness..., but perhaps there is a way to to think one's way around this, by thinking of God as a "life force" or "energy". Our surroundings do sometimes seem to almost take on a personality, but this personality is part of our own life, too. My own experience is, that it is best to leave an external "God" out of it, and understand that the potential for greatest good, as well as unspeakable evil, reside in all of our lives, and that through "proper introspection", we can bring out the positive elements! The method of "introspection" should maximize the result, for the time and effort input. All such methods come under the general heading, "practice". It's no accident that working for perfection in music or dance is also called "practice"; there are many elements in common.
(I practice a form of buddhism ((with "SGI"), as well as music...)

"Blessings" to all! (wherever they might emanate from)
Thank u DavidS My beliefs are much like what you wrote above...
"by thinking of God as a "life force" or "energy"." and "that it is best to leave an external "God" out of it, and understand that the potential for greatest good, as well as unspeakable evil, reside in all of our lives, and that through "proper introspection", we can bring out the positive elements! " Yes, I agree!

We all have a choice,to be a peaceful,positive,good,caring & loving soul (person) or the opposite.
We all have both Light & darkness residing within us,as Humans. (well put joni sis )
Turning within ourselves for retrospective & Truths..By connecting to our True selves-we can connect to a "higher energy "or whatever you wish to call it..that is within us ALL.
This is where My (Our) answers can be found-within us,all I (We) need do is to "listen" ..(is actually more complicated/detailed than this simple statement,but not quite awake enough to go in to more detail)

without us the world will continue to turn...we either spin out of control or dance in the synchronicity of the flow of the universe...ego is self defeating only in understanding we are part of a whole can we relieve the pressure of conflict and trying to fix the world..no one is the one savior of the world.
IN YOUR HEART !!! :)))))

He has afflicted you from every direction in order to pull you back to the Directionless.Rumi♥

If you are irritated by every rub, how will your mirror be polished? Rumi♥

The time for staying at home is over, It is time to enter the garden.The dawn of happiness has risen, the moment of union and vision is now. Rumi♥

delicate yesterday, the night singing birds by the creek. Their words
were: You may make a jewelery flower out of gold and rubies and
emeralds, but it will have not fragrance. Rumi♥

You breathe, you’re conscious you have the capacity to exist you have the capacity to know you have the capacity to celebrate That is your biggest forte.Mj♥

The purpose of your existence and what you could accomplish in this world should not be confused with each other.When the heart is full, there is a simplicity.There is a clarity in life.What is the one thing that satisfies my heart?When do I feel alive?...Feel alive? Mj♥

Being a human being, you can Fulfill your Life.As long as you have breath, you can fulfill your life.Fulfill your life now.What will happen later on, no one knows.If someone wants help, I can help. I don't just talk.... For those who really want help, I'm ready to help them.I cannot make your house good or get you a promotion,but you can be happy in your heart. Mj♥

It is about taking that bath in the crystal clear waters of clarity.Jump in! Bathe.Be cleansed and feel free.Feel freedom.Mj♥

In the process, we find ourselves hungry and poor— hungering for we don’t know what.I’m not talking about food, but being hungry for it to be good, to be right.And then we find ourselves poor— in all the things we don’t have.The two conditions— poor and hungry— not good in this world. A 14th century poet, Kabir, says, “No one is hungry and no one is poor.Everyone is rich beyond belief.”Everyone has an incredible package with them, but they haven’t opened it.That is why they have nothing.He is addressing human beings on this earth making the journey we have been on for so many centuries. Mj♥

PREM RAWAT, widely known as MAHARAJI ❤

about inner peace. Since his early childhood, he has been informing
human beings about the possibility of fulfillment in this lifetime. His
message is not tied to race, religion or culture. He simply reminds
people of their own self. ♥

Lovesssss !!!!! ♥

You are warmly invited to join in:
Where is truth to be found?

"...All the truths in the universe are preserved for ever within every human soul."

How do we obtain it?

" ..from our feelings.."

From the 4th Book in the Anastasia (Ringing Cedars) series.
All of you have such well developed answers. I have not ..I think I'm best at asking the questions ;)

I read and i listen to your words, and I admire your strong belief. But where is the doubt, or isn't there any?

Doubt is a pain too lonely to know that faith is his twin brother.

Kahlil Gibran
Good question Gunilla...but maybe you can answer this one that just came to mind after something I read...

What do we have when we have a balance between confidence and doubt?
That was an interesting question Des.. Hm.. Have to reflect upon that :) Never thought of that kind of balance...
You could start a whole discussion just around that your question..'smile*
Dear Des and Gunilla,

Let us start, What make u doubt??
Hello there Ali!

Well, I am no expert, but it seems to me, that doubt comes from fear. As far as I know, there are two fears, one is a primeval fear (that protects from danger etc), and the other, is the unknown fear. So maybe doubt comes from the unknown fear. Past experience can make us doubt, especially when we are unconscious to those past experiences/memories. I believe in karma too (past lives), and so, there could be past fear from there too.

Good to see you Ali!.


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