Received So Many Thought-Provoking Replies, Which Is Worth Sharing!

Am Sure Nobody Will Mind My Posting Them!



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Image and video hosting by TinyPic Lana for your beautiful input!

in searching for purpose i have found pointless treasure and endless love :)

Joni for sharing your thought-provoking comment & for your thanks!
Please do join/drop in at the Group: YOUR COMMENT to share some chit chat/your viewpoint!
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I thought I'd share this beautiful iPeace friendship,graphic,comment that was bestowed on me from Sue, a very active caring iPeace Family member and created by her daughter Sophie.
Sue passed away in April and it was about this time when iPeace was beginning it's downfall to what it is now,but I know Sue would very much appreciate the family members that have kept iPeace still going, as do I.
"Loving You Family!" and "Enjoy" the visual and let Me not forget...
"Happy Trails" & "Happy iPeaceing"

Thank you, Al
It is good to remember Sue, and at the same time remember the hey day of ipeace.
This cartoon is lovely, and very uplifting.
Love to you, and to Sue's Family,
Al: I've posted your share in the group: Your Comment!
Am sure you'll not mind at all!

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