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With the Sun conjunct Uranus today in Aries, surprise is the order of the day.


Yesterday you will have had a sense of finishing something and then starting something else.  As if to rubber stamp the new regime, today's conjunction will see new growth. and new projects may see visible results.  In international affairs, there may be surprises (hopefully not shock and awe ).  There may be some new ideas of hope and assistance for stricken countries.  Where individuals have established new projects, they may be able to join with others in group initiatives.


May you be inspired ~







Last night was an important night to re-align with the Soul, for we start a new 14-year era today, Monday 4th.  as Neptune in its own sign of Pisces signals the “Era of the Collective Unconscious”.  Chiron acted as Neptune’s herald, entering Pisces earlier this year, and you may have noticed you’ve been pushed to address some of your spiritual issues recently.  In the 14-year period while Neptune has been in Aquarius networking on the internet has expanded exponentially.  Some of its applications have had a callous quality of detachment.  But with Neptune in Pisces the involvement will be more emotional and demonstrate the Oneness of the human spirit.  Compassion will have to enter the picture.  Collectively we will laugh, and collectively we will cry.  Sales of Kleenex will rise.  The emotional web that connects us will be more keenly felt.  This means that we need to learn to define our personal boundaries more firmly.  But it does mean that those of hard heart may turn round and have compassion for their victims.  You may see this early on in Neptune’s reign of its own sign (for an event may symbolize this, and effects are most easily seen initially), but re-assess in 14 years’ time and you may see that the process of softening has happened gradually.  It is part of the plan for the Golden Age of Aquarius for hearts to open.  I do love it when a planet goes into its home territory.  There will be a moment of feeling a rightness about it, which some may notice.



On Wednesday (6th) the Sun conjuncts Jupiter at 16 degrees of Aries.  You may be jumping up and down with enthusiasm about something, possibly about a project you started on the New Moon on Sunday.


Good luck to everyone!






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