to make it easy - in this section we can post all links for petitions so everyone can copy and paste them to be able to send in emails to other friends.

when any one of us has a new link for a petition - pls. post it to the reply section, i already posted some petitions.

here are some links where every one around the globe can start or sign a petition for PRESSING GLOBAL ISSUES :

this section is to create your own / a new petition:


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here is a link where u can sign or post a PETITION for global issues-
from our Group-Member Maggie ( Margaret) Motheral::

I have a petition at This Bill of Rights was born from my own struggles with being exposed to toxic chemicals in a brownfield next to my home in Philadelphia and then the city refusing to reveal the contamination or protect the neighbors. I became ill and had big wake up call to the insidious poisons in our environment and issues of Environmental Justice. This is a world wide problem and a hidden problem. The effects of toxic chemicals in our water, soil and air cause so many diseases and behavior problems like crime. Clean Environments lead to peace. We are one with nature. Our bodies and minds reflect the health of our environment. Please sign the petition. It says Philadelphia but it is for everyone.
Hello My Friend, I do need a favor to ask of you. There is this woman in Milwaukee, Wisconsin named April Griffin, who was raped by her boyfriend, she got pregnant, chose to keep and love the baby. The boyfriend became angry, and tried to choke and kill April. She called the police and they came and put her in jail. And she has been there for almost a year. Never being charged with anything, being separated from her children, not even knowing the whereabouts of the baby. Her brother and sister are trying to get signatures for this petition to free her from jail. She's been mistreated by the system as well. I would greatly appreciate it if you would visit the site and sign the petition, and get as many other caring people as you know to do so as well. Thank you so much and God Bless you. ~Antoinette

I got this message from friend RAshad and I forward it to all of you, Thanks.


Action eAlert: Pandemic Risk from Big Pharm Vaccine Contamination “Accident”

Natural Solutions Foundation
Health Freedom Action eAlert

March 6, 2009


* Pandemic Alert Communiqué
* Mouse Warrior eAlert Action Items
* Health Freedom Webinars
* News From Europe
* Video of the Week: Report from Europe
* Dr. Rima Recommends: Hope and Preparedness

Remember: Bookmark our Health Freedom Blog on our website - or so you can check it often - New items are posted frequently!

Action Item: Protect your right to refuse medical experimentation

Text of the Open Letter to the President and Congress about the contamination of vaccines with live Avian Flu virus in February 2009.

The General’s Communiqué
Maj. Gen. Albert N. Stubblebine III
(US Army, Ret.)

Big Pharma Company “Accidentally”
Contaminates Vaccines With LIVE
AVIAN FLU VIRUS in 18 Countries

Protecting Yourself and Family

Dr. Rima and I are still in Germany where the talk of health freedom advocates is this horrifying late-breaking story, though you may already be aware of it. Although it is being widely reported around the world, the US MMD (media of mass deception) appears to have a blackout placed on this story.

World media are reporting that Baxter Pharmaceuticals has admitted that it “accidentally” contaminated various vaccine batches with Avian Flu viruses. These batches were shipped to 18 countries. Clearly, either 1. stupidity and incompetence or 2. intentional contamianation of flu vaccine lots was at work.

Number 1 is easy to understand. Number 2 comes into focus quickly when you realize that there are many competing Avian Flu Vaccines already in production and in the Pharma “pipeline” although Avian Flu has been slow to become pandemic by “jumping the sepecies barrier” to humans in large numbers.

Vaccines are profitable ONLY if used in huge numbers. Competing vaccines, for a disease which has yet to pose any reasonable threat, have a tough economic row to how. But a good, solid cluster of cases, or, better yet, several clusters, would create a hue and cry for those vaccines which is difficult to imagine. Bottom line for Big Pharma? One of the biggest wins in history. Bottom line for Little People? A manipulated disaster of unprecedented magnitude precipitated by unprecedented avarice and greed.

Baxter International Inc. is no stranger to recalls and lethal contaminations:

January 17, 2008 Recalls 9 lots of heparin sodium injection products due to a higher than usual number of reports of adverse patient reactions after suspending production Voluntary recall of all remaining lots and doses of its heparin sodium injection multi-dose, single-dose vials and HEP-LOCK heparin flush products

February 28, 2008 Voluntary recall of all remaining lots and doses of its heparin sodium injection multi-dose, single-dose vials and HEP-LOCK heparin flush products

July 30, 2007 Baxter recalls faulty infusion pumps

February 2, 2006 Urgent recall letter on faulty volumetric pumps classified by FDA as a Class I recall{FE374F7D-FCE4-40B8-99CF-4E0A0C46F058}

July 24, 2001 Albumin Buminate 5 percent, used to treat burn and shock victims, recalled following revelation that it was tainted with HIV-2

December 12, 2005 Dialysis machines recalled due to faulty transfusion tubing which kinks

October 21, 2001 Baxter International Inc. recalled some of its blood-cleaning filters pending results of an investigation into the deaths of 23 kidney dialysis patients in Croatia

So through either conspiracy or stupidity, either way, a potential pandemic was nearly unleashed on the world.

What happens then? Here is what the US has planned:

1. Immediate demand for mass vaccination without the right to object on religious or other grounds.

2. Compulsory vaccination or dentention under Patriot I, Patriot II, BARDA, BioShield I, BioShield II and/or State Emergency Medical Powers Acts.

And here is what the UN has planned:

1. The “North American Plan for Avian & Pandemic Influenza” provides that in the case of a pandemic, “U.N. law along with regulations by the World Trade Organization and World Health Organization as supreme over U.S. law during a pandemic” setting the stage for militarizing the management of continental health emergencies (Jerome Corsi,

Baxter mixed a virus which has a hard time infecting people (H5N1 Avian Flu) with one that infects them easily (”Seasonal Flu”) in a medium which can promote mutations of the H5N1 virus into a type which can infect us easily. What will be in the vaccine you are forced/coerced/threatened into allowing into your body? Who knows?

What we do know is that you and I want, demand, must have, the right to say “NO!” to vaccinations and other treatments that we do not want. The Police Power of the State ENDS at my skin and yours!

Your action is needed now. Click below to send your letter demanding that Congress pass legislation NOW assuring your right to refuse vaccination whether there is a declared Pandemic or not.

Text of the Petition Letter:

If, in the event of a Pandemic, you choose, for example, to take safe and effective Nano Silver -

- (as I will) rather than dangerous and potentially deadly vaccines, this MUST be your right without being detained or declared a felon, forcibly detained or otherwise moles.

Now that you have this information, please make sure that everyone you know gets this information from you with the request to take action and send this on to their contacts as well.

You can read more about the details at this page, where we first broke this story and are reproducing some media articles substantiating this matter.

This is an Emergency Action eAlert. What we need to address here is what you can do now.

Health Freedom needs your support. We need you to take the Action Steps outlined in this urgent Pandemic Alert.


Here is what you can do:

1. Stock up on foods and necessities, in the event you need to self-quarantine. Two to three months worth.

2. Stock up on nutrients and natural remedies that will help support your immune system, such as Vitamin C, Vitamin D, nano-silver, herbs such as echinacea. Visit or other reliable sites to find clean, unadulterated nutrients.

3. Read these Health Freedom Blog postings from last summer, when we first raised the issue of weaponized avian flu.

4. Avoid large crowds. Shop on line; while you are at it, patronize our sponsors whose links are on the right hand menu of this email.

5. Protect your immune system: Avoid vaccinations!

6. Read our Preparedness Memorandum:

Archbishop Desmond Tutu to the Dalai Lama: We stand with you

"We the undersigned Nobel Peace Prize Laureates, human rights leaders and concerned individuals wish to express our concern at the current deterioration of the human rights situation in Tibet, and the apparent breakdown of the talks between the Chinese government and emissaries of His Holiness the Dalai Lama. We are dismayed at the lack of any concrete progress toward resolving the conflict over the autonomy and religious freedom of the Tibetan people, and urge all parties involved to redouble their effort to achieve this vital goal.

"To our dear friend His Holiness the Dalai Lama, we say: we stand with you. You define non-violence and compassion and goodness. Clearly China does not know you. It is our sincere hope that they will. We call on China's government to know His Holiness the Dalai Lama, as we and so many others have come to know him during the long decades he has spent in exile.

"We ask the esteemed Navi Pillay, the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights to visit Tibet, and request that she be given access to assess and report to the international community the current state of affairs for the Tibetan people. The High Commissioner should be allowed to travel with journalists and other observers and, working with all parties involved, assist in bringing these decades of struggle to a peaceful resolution.

"China is uniquely positioned to impact and affect our world. We ask you to please use this position to improve our world by listening to the voices of the Tibetan people, and creating a new solution for Tibet that allows this culture to flourish.

"This will help not only Tibet. It will help China. It will demonstrate to us that China is willing to be a responsible partner in international global affairs.

"Finally, we ask that China stop naming, blaming and verbally abusing one whose life has been devoted to peace. His Holiness the Dalai Lama, a Nobel Peace Prize Laureate, is not simply a holy man. He is recognized throughout the world as one of our few true moral authorities. He is a teacher who has shown us all how to live our lives with compassion, non-violence and love."

In Earnest,

Archbishop Desmond Tutu

Dear friends,

Evidence is emerging that traces swine flu to giant factory pig farms that are dirty, dangerous, and inhumane. Sign the petition to the World Health Organization and the Food and Agriculture Organization to investigate and regulate these threats to our health:

Sign the Petition!
No-one yet knows whether swine flu will become a global pandemic, but it is becoming clear where it came from – most likely a giant pig factory farm run by an American multinational corporation in Veracruz, Mexico.(1)

These factory farms are disgusting and dangerous, and they're rapidly multiplying. Thousands of pigs are brutally crammed into dirty warehouses and sprayed with a cocktail of drugs -- posing a health risk to more than just our food -- they and their manure lagoons create the perfect conditions to breed dangerous new viruses like swine flu. The World Health Organization (WHO) and the Food and Agriculture Organisation (FAO) must investigate and develop regulations for these farms to protect global health.

Big agrobusiness will try to obstruct and scuttle any attempts at reform, so we need a massive outcry that health authorities can't ignore. Sign the petition below for investigation and regulation of factory farms and tell your friends and family and we will deliver it to the UN agencies. If we reach 200,000 signatures we will deliver it to the WHO in Geneva with a herd of cardboard pigs. For every 1000 petition signatures we will add a pig to the herd:

Last week the flu was all that we talked about -- Mexico has been nearly paralysed and across the world leaders halted air travel, banned pork imports and initiated drastic controls to mitigate the spreading virus. As the threat shows signs of subsiding the question becomes where it came from and how we stop another outbreak.

Smithfield Corporation, the largest pig producer in the world whose farm is being fingered as the source of the H1N1 outbreak, denies any connection between their pigs and the flu and big agrobusiness worldwide pays huge sums of money for research to argue that biosafety is ensured in industrial hog production. But the WHO has been saying for years that 'a new pandemic is inevitable'(2) and experts from the European Commission and the FAO have cautioned that the rapid move from small holdings to industrial pig production is in fact increasing the risk of development and transmission of disease epidemics. The US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention warn that scientists still do not know the extent that infectious compounds produced in factory farms affect human health.(3)

Studies abound of the horrific conditions endured by pigs in concentrated large-scale operations, and the devastating economic impact on small farmer communities of bloated large-scale operations.(4) Smithfield itself has already been fined $12.6m and is currently under another federal investigation in the US for toxic environmental damage from pig excrement lakes.(5)

But even with all of this damaging evidence, a combination of increased global meat consumption and a powerful industry motivated by profit at the cost of human health, means that instead of being shut down - these sickening factory farm operations are propagating around the world and we are subsidising them (6). In the wake of this swine flu threat, let's hold industrial pig producers to account. Sign the petition for investigation and regulation:

If we resolve this global health crisis boldly by reassessing our food consumption and production, and urgently calling for an inquiry into the impact of factory farms on human health, we could put in place tough farm practice rules that will save the global population from future animal borne lethal pandemics.

in hope,

Alice, Pascal, Graziela, Paul, Brett, Ben, Ricken, Iain, Paula, Luis, Raj, Veronique, Milena, Margaret, Taren and the whole Avaaz team

(1) Biosurveillance report tracing the disease to the Smithfields farm:
Reports on the link between the Mexican factory farm and the flu:

(2) WHO pandemic information

(3) FAO, EC and CDC reports on the risks of industrial farming on public health
FAO and CIWF and

(4) CIWF and PETA video reports of the disgusting conditions for animals in factory farms and the disease ridden manure swamps:

(5) Reports on Smithfield's animal welfare and environmental damage

(6) Reports on UK tax payers subsidising factory farms


ABOUT AVAAZ is an independent, not-for-profit global campaigning organization that works to ensure that the views and values of the world's people inform global decision-making. (Avaaz means "voice" in many languages.) Avaaz receives no money from governments or corporations, and is staffed by a global team based in Ottawa, London, Rio de Janeiro, New York, Buenos Aires, and Geneva. Call us at: +1 888 922 8229 or +55 21 2509 0368 Click here to learn more about our largest campaigns. Don't forget to check out our Facebook and Myspace and Bebo pages!
Obama: "Stop the Settlements"‏
From: Paul Hilder - (
Sent: Saturday, 6 June 2009 2:31:32 AM

Dear friends,

Obama is challenging Israel's right-wing government to stop its settlements, which are killing prospects for peace -- let's raise a massive global chorus to help him overcome powerful opposition in Israel and the US:

West Bank settlement maps show how Palestinians are only allowed to live in small parts of their land:
President Obama just made a remarkable speech in Egypt, committing personally to building peace in the Middle East. Unexpectedly, his first move is to directly challenge the new right-wing government of America's ally Israel -- pressing them to stop their self-destructive policy of settlements (illegal colonies set up on territory recognised by the US and the world as Palestinian).

This is a moment of rare crisis and opportunity. Obama’s bold strategy is facing powerful opposition, so he’s going to need help around the world in the coming days and weeks to strengthen his resolve. Let’s start right now -- by raising a massive global chorus behind Obama’s statement that the settlements in occupied territory must stop.

We’ll advertise the number of signatures in key newspapers in Israel, as well as in Washington DC (where some are trying to undermine Obama in the US Congress). Read Obama’s words now and add your signature to them at the link below, then forward this email to friends and family so they can do the same:
There is broad agreement that the settlements are a significant barrier to peace, a view also shared by a silent majority of the Israeli public. Combined with a network of roadblocks and barriers, these colonies now blanket the West Bank, seizing territory and forcing Palestinians to live effectively as prisoners in smaller and smaller pockets (see map at right).

Until this problem is tackled, it seems impossible to build a viable Palestinian state or any kind of lasting peace. For Arab states deciding what more they themselves can do for peace, stopping the settlements has become a crucial test of Israel’s seriousness.

We’ll need to urge the other parties to take bold steps too. If we can help Obama to stay the course on settlements, shift Israeli policy and encourage the Palestinians and key Arab states also to stretch out their hands, a new beginning for the Middle East is possible.

But none of this will happen without a growing global movement of citizens taking action to support it. Read Obama’s words, add your signature and spread the word today:

(I have signed this petition with thanks of having the opportunity to do so.)
To: Global PeaceAngel, Hullo, and I feel I have done this all wrong, my apologies if I have, please advise me if I have, and I shall correct it immediately, Thank you, Lane (ozzieowl)
everything is fine, u posted it into the link collection. i have copied the link itself into the collection
thanks for the post. if u r not a member yet, pls come and join. then u r able to send petitions to all members.


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