this idea make us to take fund for the children in Gaza from the fund organizations.
please we have to work for the children, youth and women but we will use your skills with us.

We have to change the world together. we don,t want to speak.
iam looking forward to work with you and to hear from you

volunteers to help with us IN IPEACE , not full time but as much as they can help to find some support, we are looking for some peopel to help in writting proposals and to help in fundraising, both females and males and both from palestine and for outside of palestine.

enyone can help in this idea

Please contact me on :

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Hi, please, would you be more specific on how you guys need help please...Which kind of support do you need now... Thanks
Yes. Stand between HAMMAS and HISBUALLA and the children of Gaza, and don't allow HAMMAS and HISBUALLA use these children as human shields.
after the War in Gaza, i started to help the palestinian in Gaza with some helping from our friends in IPeace, i thank all the Ipeace members who help me and the children in Palestine spacaily my mother luisella, i hope if we can stop speaking and start working.

now i think here in Gaza and abroad Gaza , some people can take fundraising and writing proposel for the fund organizations and we can did alot of activites like festivals , workshops in alot of fields, human rights, peace, dance,sicolgycal support and more else for the NGOs.

i want from you to write and follow with fund organzations untill we can take fund for projects in Gaza.

i hope if it,s help and make us to look at the future

in peace with hope
majed abusalama
On my website are Monolithic Tornado/Fire proof dome buildings they are very cheap and fast to build,20 a day has been done in one area of India.

This is my website
Well, from Genova,Italia, 1° march in voyage to Gaza::

1- Music For Peace: two ship-container with family parcels (rise, pasta, flour, pods, tinny tomatoes, salt, tinned tuna, tinned meat (not pork), biscuits, honey, marmalade), blankets, mattresses, pillows, white sheets, towels; exercise-books, pencils, ballpens, colours, penknifes, erasers; tooth-pastes, tooth-brushes, body savons, detersives and handsoap for laundry; medical materials as hortopedic tools, wheel chairs, suture materials, pomatoes for burns, oftalmic pomatoes, disinfectants, adhesiv plasters, anthibiotics, antiinflammations, antipains; others. Parcels will be do personally from Stefano and Majed.
The philosophy of Music for Peace is: go to concerts or to sports game and without paying with money your ticket, you enter with the bag shopping. Sensibilize to others, we all are friends.
Stefano Rebore will do photoes and collect history and back to Genova we do manifestations to explain the situations, the people usance and necessity, and many Palestinian smiles to Xena (the name of our town in the local language: once, we did a marine repubblic! free, with free peoples, with 6 mosques and all the mediterranean culrures and . We are proud of this)religions rapresentated-

2- Urgenza Sanitaria Gaza: Marcello Sordo goes to work in Al Awda Hospital for 2 and 1/2 months, building a continuous relations between doctors and nurses from Genova to increment sanitarian work in Al Awda Hospital and tools. Majed help.

3- "Gaza, mente e Guerra" project for mental wellfare of war children, youngers and other. Dr. Khalid Rawash pshichiatric, with her Italian wife dr. Laura Franceschini children neuropshichiatric, and dr. Patrizia psicological, go for three week (initial)to Al Awda Hospital to begin organisation and trainer for educators and other sanitary personals for a long term work in Gaza. Majed 'll in this project.

Other project are in doing....
Smiles Luisella
Dear Majer: As my connection with my friend Mohammed is eventually broken ,i'd like u to search for computer

programmer ,there in Gaza ,to whom i can explain my idea of Ecards,to help children in Gaza.

What i understood from my friend is that the idea is pretty available!!!
I received in my i.Peace post.
Jumping on the blogs I came across one that has a
several interesting and I think that I am knowledgeable
that there are great writers in you, I thought
perhaps you could participate in this interest. 
 Here you
I leave the link and the presentation of the initiative of Javier. 

Greetings to all. 
 Palencia, December 6, 2008. 

Dear friends: For those 
 dedicáis you to write stories
and you have a blog with a continued presence in Red
I call that a story regaléis of maximum extension
one sheet (double-spaced, size 12 and one side only). 
these stories will publish a book called "Stories
Solidarity from the Internet "or similar - allowed
proposals - with 50 stories, with sales revenues
will be donated in full to sponsor a child
through the Foundation Vincent Ferrer. 
 The publication of the
First 100 copies is guaranteed. Try
make a run higher if the firms to which I will
collaborate to address a bit with this project. Therefore,
if you want to help, send your story before March 1 of
2009 to my email,
indication of the direction of your blog. 
receive more than 50 texts will be selected. For this
request the assistance of members of the Association of
Writers Network because I did not
I believe a good critic. 
 By the deadline of
reception, and with your permission, we will
publishing the texts received on my blog. 
Embrace them all and forward. We can do things. 
You want to help the Children of Gaza?, well I have an Idea. STOP USING THEM AS HUMAN SHIELDS!!!!!!
hello sir , i think this point not from the respect for the palestinian , i think we can defend , but we are humen , we can feel more than anyone because we suffering alot and our country is occupied and i think you have to think before you write anythings . please think before you wirte and read the history.

i hope for peace

peace salam shalom
majed abusalama
I also disagree with Shimris's opinion! Is very known the Hammas policy ,but we have to confront the idea that the innocents and the children are not blame at all of the bad movements of politicians.There is another issue here on the table,that is humanitarian issue.We are talking about rescue innocents that survived from a war! Don't you think that are innocents in Gaza ? Do you think that everybody in Gaza is blame of this war?Do you think that only israeli people is so innocent of charges in this conflict,that the world don't have to look at the children lying on the floor ?

"For the memories.."

I agree with your written message but i find the additiion of the caricature grotesque..

The Jewish people are commanded to be kind to ALL on the basis of our MEMORY, of our slavery in Egypt. So while i agree that this sensitivity must be developed and calling on our experiences is the way to do it..
the caricature has other purposes which i find quite repulsive.

Best wishes
Hi Majed!
Today we have the definitive program from Napoli (Italia), "ARTE DELLA FELICITA'"

28 March 2009
from 9.30 to 13.30
Phone: 0039 0815527106


With the intent to creatively explore the Universe - Fear that surrounds us, we have conducted with young people
Napolitain a 'photographic survey entitled "I fear ". A job search for images that proposes to call in the boys'
expression of emotions sometimes confined to the territory of unbelived and not told. On walls school districts of the city, family, group of friends, children are moved to looking for people willing to tell their fears, then setting in a picture the subject identified with a sign that shows with a word the perceived fear.

The same job with the help of a Palestinian teacher, was held in Gaza, during the month of January, in the period immediately following the fighting, with children of primary school and average. Fears reported in the cartel are therefore always accompanied by drawings, expressive mode this, that the smaller guys feel sure nearest of writing. The photographic survey was conducted in a dramatically demonstrated war where fear is widespread, devour, where children - in the words of Majed, the educator who has led the project "I'm afraid ..." - "there transmit fear with their faces. "

With pictures we made a video which will be projected on the morning of Saturday 28 March 2009
- Opening time of the event - at the Teatro Mercadante
- Before the intervention of Prof. Fernand Savater (philosopher, writer - Madrid) on "Edgar Allan Poe and othermessengers of scared" and Prof. Robert Thurman (Professor of Buddhist Studies - Columbia University,New York) on SAFETY IN BLISS: REALISTIC FREEDOM FROM FEAR.

The entrance to the Teatro Mercadante is free to availability.


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