Dear all,

Were it just up to the people here, the world might might well be a very peaceful and wonderful and wonder full place. For many, it is not.

What we do to make our region more peaceful?

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We need to offer sustainable jobs to people and give them the freedom of time to make decisions.
Laws that allow our government to go to war with other rich countries over dwindling resources in far off lands need to be amended. But pressuring the government needs large lobby groups such as the ones developing at SaveNaturefree
Clever thinking is the key to their success but good people are needed to add their names to the cause.
In each town the first 50 supporters (even those who don't donate) can qualify for a share of add revenue.
Hi everyone,

To make our region more peaceful we MUST learn about the Weapons of Truth. With this in more people's hands we are able to bring a speedy recovery to PEACE in Australia and the World - cheers

Anne Marie
Sorry to be simplistic, but I think that if schools taught meditation,Yoga, anger management, Law of Attraction etc.. to the youngsters, they would have life skills to cope better under the ever increasing stresses & pressures of life nowadays.......Teach them how to control emotion & direct energy positively........Open eyes, open minds, open hearts! Breed calm......



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