For most of my life I always felt that I had really good intuition when it came to forming friendships. I truly believed I could tell everything I needed to know about a person just by looking at them and observing how they behaved in public. One day, I learned that I had it all wrong. I misjudged a person, did not have any interest in a friendship because "she did not look like someone I wanted to be seen with". Can you imagine that? Then one day, because of mutual friends, we were introduced and I met the most awesome person who is now one of my best friends. Not only is she highly intelligent, a professional, but she also has a heart of gold. I have learned a very valuable lesson. And, to ease my shame, I confessed to her everything. I had to. So, never, ever judge another human being on their looks or actions. Always give them the benefit of a doubt....and if you are lucky like me, you might make a endearing friend for life. Namaste' Linda M

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Also me sometimes fell in this mistake to judge the friends from outside but the days taught me to control my self until I deal and live with any one to judge him.
My very best friend in my life used to try and escape my presence because he thought I looked like a goofball. This was during the mid eighties and I looked like a goofball but our friends were the same and eventually we ended up as best friends.
I truly LOVE this blog my dear sister friend!!!!!! I am the kind of person that has helped others learn to NOT judge a book by it's cover. A good example were two amizingly caring,intelligent lovely teen girls that dressed in short plaid skirts,chain belts & dark makeup..they were my 2 best and most positive influence of volunteers and later friends when I was Director of a Peace&Justice Center. The Older board members took one look at them,in beginning and felt not appropriate as volunteers of the organization. After I gave the "Don't Judge" Speech & they saw the work the girls did, I later got them not only nominated to the board of directors, BUT on the Executive Board!! lol..I enjoyed that graetly. As never before & never since have 2 teens been on the board of Directors..Smile my friend..and thanks for this great post& I believe important lesson! You are an amazing person & friend..:-)))))
Hugss, much respect & Love xx
Thank you dear Leah! I am not surprized at all about what you told me!! You are such a special, warm and loving person and I am honored that I am now your "sister friend"!!! It happens to so many of us in our lives and a great lesson learned. I am sure that is part of our learning process....we fall, skin knees, and dust ourselves off hopefully far wiser than when we fell. You and I have so many similar things that have happened in our lives and yet as I can tell, your heart is huge, you love for other's broad and compassion and quest for peace...endless...Love and respect you back....Linda

ps...this is the second one I was sending...I lost the longer one :)

awww am blushing :-)..thank you dear sister,you too are much like me and we much the same life experiences..but the differences between us is good as to be just alike wouldn't be as interesting..:)
Hmm,? well I have lost a few long writings here,have learned how to copy my posts and paste in as reply so don't loose all written ( Des tought me shortcuts) especially with emails,sometimes freezes up.
I am honoured to be counted as your Sister friend..smiles and lots of love..

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Same here my dear friend...thank you and you are right...we are not clones but have similar hearts...Love and blessings...Linda
lovely Sista'..thank you!! hugss n lots love..hey cud you leave a comment on my "A Cry For Peace" blog? noone but des & me has replied..only if you have something to add..thx Sis..


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