O nome do nosso grupo deve ser iPeace Bra--il, com "S" ou "Z"?

Meus amigos

A Alessandra Godinho, criadora do grupo iPeace Brazil não está mais nesse site.

Gostaria da opinião de vocês, sobre questões e sugestões, como administradora do grupo, já que me foi concedida a possibilidade de fazer algumas alterações no mesmo.

O que vocês acham do nome do grupo? Gostariam de que permanecesse Brazil ou mudasse para Brasil? Ou tanto faz?

Aguardo seus comentários. E suas sugestões também!

Paz a todos

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Então somos já 2 votos para BraSil

beijão Rosinha, valeu!
Somos brasileiros e BraSil é com "S"

Patriotismo e tal se começa pela língua, né?

Sandra Brasil é Brasil

minha pátria é minha língua, fala mangueira!!!!
Brasil com s é mais Brasil.
Isso mesmo, mas vamos aguardar mais opiniões!
Brasil with S is the way of writing in Portuguese and Brazil with Z is the way of writing in English.
This network of iPeace is English, but the group is about the peace in Brasil, Brasil is the goal of efforts.
But let me tell you, I write Brasil always with S. There is only one way to write the name of this country and that is in the way of its own language. If one cannot speak out the S and make it sound like a Z, that is their responsability.
But there is only one way of writing Brasil.
Thank you very much Marianne for your comment

I know it´s just a little detail, just one letter...when you say Brasil with S, you make the sound of Z. Doesn´t make any difference, but for us, brazilian guys, ít´s a reason for proud, to show our friends in this site how we type the name of our beautiful country.

Many blessings to you, hope you have a nice and lightful weekend
It is funny, that you ask how to write the name of Brasil speaking about proud to write it in the Brasilian way with a S while writing brazilian guys with a Z.
Show your Self-confidence and always write a S in any kind of word of Brasil or brasilian.
If all Brasilians will do so, no one will ask how to write it, because it will be then a custom to use the S.
So it makes a big difference using a S or a Z.
It is only a S in Brasil and in Brasilian, like we write a capital for both words.

I wish you a happy and bright weekend,
Love and Light,
Oh God!! Its really funny, I had not thought about it before ... thanks for reminding me and even more for all your interest in these issues of our group!

Best wishes, Marianne _/\_
In fact I am a Brasileira also, having started my life in Rio. Therefore my interest for this issue.
Brasil is a beautiful country with beautiful people and has one of the most growing economy next to India, China and Russia. So it is getting important in the world.
Our Queen Beatrix has visited Brasil to meet President Lula and President Lula has visited Holland not so long ago to meet our Queen. There are good connections between both countries. I like that very much.


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