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this in sage my dog and i am eliana



Perry Winkle

Perry though is a 14.9 years old F1 Natural Mink Tonkinese. I could type an book about him when he was younger but I will just give you a few things about him here. I got him just before I fell off a cliff almost 15 years ago. Like all Tonks he was a crazy, full of tricks kitten. He was just a little crazier than most, he ran up walls, shut off lights, knocked all my pictures off the walls, stuff the toilet. He did back flips for the fun of it as he ran around the room, he fetched anything I tossed, played hide and go freak with my 7 year old, drove the visiting nurses crazy as he would get into their medical bag every time they came and steak anything he could and run with it. He used people for traction if he wanted to change direction when he was running, he sat on top of doors, he hung from the tops of door frames by his nails after running up them, he loved water and would jump into a bath tub full of it, need I go on.. oh yes he would put out votive candles with his paw. This was Perry Winkle as a young kitten.

When he got older he calmed down just a little. He then had daily conversation with the cat in the bathroom mirror, that sometimes lasted an hour. He lived in a 5 cat house he was not lonely. He was not allowed on the kitchen table but if there were a piece of paper on the table he would manage to get every bit of his body on the piece of paper so he was not on the table. Loop holes, he looked for loopholes in my rules.

Then came Tiger Lillie. One day my daughter came in from playing with this tiny kitten. The vet said she was only 3 weeks old and wanted to put her down, my daughter started to cry and since I home schooled I said we would try. Now I was in a wheel chair full time and at home so I had the time. We took her home and began. She ate right away and true to the nature of a male Tonkinese Perry adopted her as his own. He took over everything else. Perry was only a little over a year old himself, but he carried this little kitten everywhere. He became obsessive about washing her just as if he were her parent. He took care of her elimination issues, and I took care of her feeding issues. Lillie is now 13 years old.

Since then Perry has taken care of Jazmin, Rosie, and he took care of Ginger Ten~ten who was so sick when he came to live with us he could have died. Perry patently nursed him with a warm tongue and his sweet song, while the antibiotics did the trick. Now he puts up with a rambunctious kitten named Dusty Miller who outweighs him by four pounds, who wants to wrestle almost nonstop throughout the day and does not so much as get angry.

Perry as an older cat also knows when the people in his life are ill and now that he is relatively quiet (laugh, not so much) makes circles around them of protection where he will stay close at their feet if they are in the living room, or he will go to bed with if they need to sleep. If another cat in the house enters, the circle of protection Perry banishes him or her from it.

Perry offered me comfort singing me to sleep for the last 14 years I cannot imagine a night without him. I do not think I could have made it through the first years of surgery after surgery. Through the year in bed and the struggle to get myself out of the wheel chair, or when the doctor told me I would never walk again and I told him to go jump in a lake. I pulled myself from a deep depression and out of my wheel chair any ways to the tune of Perry's song encouraging me every night.

He is an old man now and every night he still sings to me and I know his time with me will soon come to an end I will miss him more than I have ever missed any one he is part of my heart and soul.


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