A Cool Retreat, 1910, John William Godward

A Cool Retreat, 1910. by John William Godward.

Oil Painting Reproductions From The Famous Master Artists.

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Mody, This is precious.  What I wouldn't have done for place like this today?  This piece reminds me to

pause to rest.  She is resting ever so peacefully and full of abandonment.  John William Godward is a true

master.  You are the master of the right choices for our group.  Love all you do!  Teresa

thank  you  again  dear  Teresa . glad you like  it . peace 

Mody,  How is it that you come up with these wondeful art pieces in the middle of your night?  You must have wonderful dreams?  Since I worked a long day today, I find it all so calming.... Love, Peace,  Teresa

i just  look for it  and when i find  i choose  what i feel  is good to share here.

thank  you my friend.


I think I understand!  Peace,  Teresa

ok my  dear. 



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