A Peaceful Retreat, 2002, Thomas Kinkade

A Peaceful Retreat, 2002.by Thomas Kinkade .

Oil Painting Reproductions From The Famous Master Artists.

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Thomas Kinkade is  amazing @ the same time.  He is also a master of light! A Peaceful Retreat is one of my favorites.  How did you know?   Every element of this peace has a story to tell.  Look at that sky !  I think you are focused on your postings tonight? that is a good thing....  Peace to you in every moment of your upcoming bright day,  Teresa


PS:  May you never be lonely,always haave love in your life & may the moutains always rise to your great compassion and wonder.

yes he is  great  artist with special  sense . i do not know it is one of your favorites  . but good that  it is .

yes i enjoy  watch  and share this art  here . and i like being alone  .it is fine to me my friend .

thank you  and have  nice  evening .

peace ..

Mody,  I am a people person and value each human being.  If you no longer want to exchange ideas and thoughts I will accept that.  One of my favorite quotes is:  NEVER  SEARCH  FOR LOVE , LET LOVE SEARCH  FOR  YOU !!  I never imposmyself on others.  It's clear now that you were disappointed in my not being able to chat today and I understand, I think?


I want only peace in  my life......  Many friends have encouraged me to seek passion and step out other than work.....It is my desire to treat everyone as a special person.  I saw you as someone who was a simple man with a great mission.  Am I right? It is not the amount of time friends share, but rather the quality of the conversation when they are together.  That is how I think.  Warm thoughts, Teresa

my friend ,

you not  disappointed about chat with you you know why ?

because  i am kind of  quite  person  who not really talk  much even in real life .

i am more listen  to others  than talk . and i understand  how busy  you are in your life.

so not worry  about that .

yes i like this  quotes too . but why  you  told me  that quotes now !!

we  agreed  that we  are just friends on ipeace  and we share  comments  as any 2 members  here

what  is matter  with  LOVE  about that ??

i value  you too as  friend here  .and i am no really  a man with a great mission .

yes  i am simple  and  passionate   but  not  as  you  think of me .

i am much more  simple than you think my friend.

you  always  welcome  to share  your  comment  ad thoughts  here  Teresa

thank you   my dear

peace  to  you

Mody,  I don't believe we can be friends on iPeace.  That is Ok.  It's just other than work, you were the only true friend I had in Egypt.  I am simple and peaceful since my husband's death, focusing on work and giving back to the universe.  There are many kinds of love.  There is love of a child, love of a lover, love of a friend, love of one's self and love of others. As long as I give of my love to others, the more love I will have to give out to the universe. Understanding is also a part of love because we will often disappont one another......When one disappoints another, it takes time to see that it was not personal.


It was nice exchanging ideas, deep thoughts and talk of passions of life with you.  I will cherish the time.  Let us leave it alone and go our separate ways.  Love, Peace & Nothing But Joy to you,  Teresa

that is fine Teresa ,

i you not believe we can be friends  in ipeace ,i  respect that 

and how i am the  only  true friend to you in Egypt !!! how come  while we never meet  in real  life ? i understand we  are friends on ipeace  but  i am sure  you will find more interested  and true  friends from Egypt soon .we  are  90 millions Egyptians .

i know  there is  many kinds of love .and again  you not disappont  me really.

was nice to share  comments with you too .i enjoy it really

i am here  any time my friend.

bless  you..


The part about you being my only true friend in Egypt was a joke to at least make you

smile... :) but I can see that smiling is not your agenda.  My sense of humor carries me through many hard places in life isand I try to use it to allow people to feel less vulnerable and safe.   When I was a model, the photographers many times wanted me to NOT smile and look daring.....That was not and is not me.  I am a warm person and will always look for the positive.


I don't have time for this kind of interaction as we are having today.....Life is too short..... Most of my friends are consistent and will allow for a mistake....that is important to me, as we are not, none of us perfect.  And the part of being alone I do relate to as I have chosen of my own to have many male friends but no commitments.....I must be free.  Most men I meet scare me.  My life is full of love from others   & giving back to the universe. You will always have followers, just not me.   May Good Things Chase you Down to Keep Your Heart Open, Teresa 

thank  you for  try make me smile  my dear.

it is so kind of you .

yes i am positive  person too and hopeful as well ,even in my  dark moments 

i am  sorry that you lost your time  for  this kind of interaction as we are having today.

yes you right  and i agree life is too short .

and you did not any mistake  to me .it is  just  you  do not care  or may be you  see   me  as  an Arab  man  from  third world  who is not important  in life

i not  blame  you because even  in Egypt now  this days our army  forces  deal  in this way  to the  girls  and people on down town Cairo 

they  deal  with them as they are not  human being.

you  can  watch  that in  youtube by your  eyes.

it is sad  really. any way .

so do not worry  my dear friend .

God  bless  you  and keep you safe  always 


Mody, Mody.....I  did care, I do care and I will always value you and others.  As an Arab man you will always be intriquing. Is that what brough your mood on today?  You would be wrong on that one!  When friendship is new we always leap to hear that person's voice & can't wait for any of the interaction with that friend. When I wasn't able to call you today to chat on Yahoo, I was indeed disappointed because I wanted to continue our conversation. It is the sustainability of a friendship that counts.  I have some of the same friends I have had since I havd be 4 years old.  Longevity of friendship comes from understanding each other and our personal needs.


You matter and you have value...... Do you hear me now??? Teresa 

i hear  you  and thank you  my dear

it is  really fine Teresa, you have  your own life with all what you do 

and i understand that, 

so just enjoy  your life the  way  you choose  it 

thanks  again 



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