Lose weight by Following Your Heart?

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Are you an emotional eater? Do you grab for that chocolate bar when you are depressed? Maybe you reach for a bag of chips when you are angry. Eat ice cream when you are feeling lonely?

Here’s something to think about. If you are overweight and are someone who doesn’t honor the needs of your Soul you are probably an emotional eater. Perhaps you eat because food is the only thing that makes you feel good.

If that is the case you may be someone who doesn’t honor the needs of your Soul. Do you long for something deeper and more meaningful in your life but can’t seem to find it? Consider that there may be a connection between your weight and the fact that you don’t follow your own heart.

Dr. Mehmet Oz talks about “The Role of Soul” in his book You: On a Diet. He states: “Many of us long for something in our lives that’s deeper and greater than our everyday reality of work, home, sleep, repeat for 29,930 days. Maybe it’s religion, or maybe a calling to help others, or maybe a belief that the world revolves around the Cubs. We don’t care as much what the “It” is as that we find the “It” and explore the “It.”

That is what following your heart is all about. Following your heart simply means fulfilling the needs of your Soul. It means paying attention to the deeper drives inside you and then having the courage to pursue them.

When you follow your heart and fulfill the needs of your Soul, you experience more meaning, fulfillment and joy in your life. When that happens, you don’t need food anymore to make you feel good because you experience what Dr Oz. calls “Soul-level satisfaction.”

Soul-level satisfaction means you have fulfilled a deeper need, which automatically leads to feeling of happiness and joy. Therefore you no longer need the food to feel good. That’s when you become motivated to start taking care of yourself better. You will want to exercise more. You will want to feed your body the right foods in the right quantities. You will no longer be controlled by food and that will in turn lead to losing weight.

Start by becoming aware of what the longings in your Soul are. You do that by listening to your heart and being honest with yourself about what you really want. Then take one step today that moves you closer to fulfilling those deeper drives inside you.

Follow Your Heart to Happiness…and weight loss!

Linda Higgin

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