To walk in grandma’s shoes... Is to remember the land they worn the tired legs they carried the long skirt that swept around what female was Is to feel the passage of time hidden in the old worn sole where tribulations and privation dug heavy holes in the ground

Is to feel the poverty in your naked arch a women bounded hand and foot nailed at home and hearth and freedom a new pair of shoes


Thank you grandma and all the females of that generation. I’m glad I do not have to walk in your shoes and I am grateful that you walked up the path that we now can go on and follow in the stilettos. As we do not even need to soles, but throw, not because they are worn out but because we're tired of them.


So grandma I can tell you that we have got it better economically .


But are the women of today more happy and free?


I do no think so. We are ”nailed” too but to totally different and often extremely superficial things.. So sometimes I wish that we all for just a day could walk in your shoes. And feel the pain from the stones under our sole and moisture that penetrate through the worn leather. Maybe grandma, that should make us appreciate life better by the new perspective that the ”walk” would give us…


I’m sorry grandma that I didn’t save a pair of your old shoes. That should have been a good reminder to me, my children and the generations to come…

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