To find an honest and true way to peace you fight each day, your private wars. The wars of "uncertain" compromising, the discussions with your children, the war against your moskitos in the room ... etc.

Tell us your private war victories and show us how peaceful your life is right now ... WAR doesn't mean always a material fight with weapons. It can mean as well an inner conflict. How did you survive this.

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well, i'm still waiting for details...soooo what happened???? next sat past while ago Devi,,do tell..please:-)
well can never have to many "good friends"..:-)))))
I read Devi. I have lots dealing with this type people,it feels horrid!! So sorry,I do hope your sister understands you did not know the"friend" do this to to bad we live in different Countries,we could find place together..
I am big part German after all..:-) I could speak some German as child but grew up and no use it.
My maiden name is very German..Dutch too. Anyway,good luck sweet sister..I truly hope all works out for you..
big hugs n smiles for you xx

well some hope is good devi..i hope outa the 30 you find right place for you..i go n rest now too.
goodnight sweet sista; luv n huggies xx
Devi not let bad actions of others not so good and kind as you cause you feel like you did anything wrong,ok?
YOU very dear,smart,sweet,kind,wonderful,special ever forget that! OK...promise..? Is their problems and issues ,not yours. You are doing all you can to find a place to live and if don't understand you did not know that the "friend" would do wrong by you..well that is their problems.
Hope you are feeling better, it gives me a ..

and a Grrrrrrrr...

that you havein so much troubles with the so called"friend" and causing troubles with Sister and her boyfriend...:(
Oh, what happened hunny..? Troubles at work too.. oh i'm so no such thing as "to nice" but I do understand what u mean, is different to be to nice and to let people be not nice to you. To stand up for yourself.
All you can do is your best is search going for place to live, good i truly hope, you so deserve the best devi, really you do. You are a very special amazing woman!
luv you ..hugs xx


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