Some years later, in the most unexpected way, an experience of deep and
intense pain such as I had never suffered before, triggered a transformation
that I hadn’t deemed possible. This seemingly unbearable pain led me to
discover something that was to be my guide, though I was hardly aware of
it, a presence emanating from my own self and impregnating my whole body.

Suddenly, the transformation of my pain permitted me to draw back the veil
and I no longer felt the urge to search. I somehow knew that none of my
former worries was essentially real to me, and that the kind of life I had so
diligently led wasn’t either. At that moment, the original certitude I had had
in my childhood was rescued from oblivion and I understood with all my
being that the world I had thought real wasn’t real at all.

I experienced a sense of fullness for the first time, and with that realization
I achieved a sense of liberation and a profound feeling of peace that still is
my guide in the present.

-excerpt from Memory in the Cells by Luis Diaz, (book available in english soon)

Luis Diaz is the author of the book "Memory in the cells" and the
founder of CMR international which is an organization that specializes
in educating and training people to make positive changes in their lives
using the Cellular Memory Release process.

For more than a decade, he's been offering comprehensive personal
development programs, personal private sessions, and advanced
Facilitator trainings to support the participants in the four main levels of life:

the physical,
the emotional,
the mental
and the spiritual,

teaching them how to:

* reduce the levels of stress and increase their vitality,
* heal physical or emotional challenges,
* change negative behavioral patterns,
* resolve family and work related conflicts,
* heal the painful past that is still alive in them and
* develope a healthy connection to their body and mind.

What differentiates the Cellular Memory Release process from
other methodologies, is that is very simple to learn, and once you
learned it, you can use it for yourself and share it with your loved
ones for the rest of your life without depending on others.

In CMR, people work with the awareness that our Inner World creates
our outer world and that our life can improve externally as much as we
improve internally. Also, CMR works with the vital energy of your own
body. When you learn it, you get to discover and use the natural power
that already exist in your body and as a result, you grow more healthy
and empowered.

The CMR website is if you want to know more about it.


Click here to join our CMR facebook fan page.




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