Dear friend,

I've been on the streets for 4.5, long like eternity, years.

Most of my friends didn't care. My beloved have abandoned me to my fate.

I've survived and restored my life. Music cured my pains, probably it's saved my life.

My goal now is to assist the homeless people to restart an live again.

That's why I'll decided to dedicate all the incomes from my song "Music cures your pain' to establishing a non-profiteable organization in order to assist the Homeless.

Join me:

Punch in Mike Van Kool in the upper right corner 'search' window.
Listen to Music cures your pain
Download and/or buy it.

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Dear Mike,

thank you for sharing your work with us and dedicating your song to the homeless, you are greatly stepping forward.

You are so right in your song "Music cures your pain", for me music was my first love, it is a divine connection ... even you don't recogize it is in your ears, like a rope to save you.

Keep on bridging worlds!
Sending you infinite waves of love and blessings

Thank you Dani. I'm trying to do what I can. I know, I have been there for 4.5, long like eternity, years.
Making music was my cure, it's helped me to get over the darkest ages of my life.
Good luck Im happy for you btw very cool name youve got there!
Ill check out your site...
I am finding that music can cure a lot of thing if you let yourself get lost in it. I have never been homeless but have had depression and I feel for the unfortunate people out there.
Whatever helps you is good and thanks for sharing your ideas.
Thank you Cindy for you encouragment.
If I can save just 1 homeless and see him/her restarting new life, I'll know my effords were wothy.


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