I want to Know what the difference between us in the definition of Peace, because I think every one in this world have a different meaninig of it depends on his location, education, relegion and economic situation.
now we can start

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I think that we live in peace when all people feel that they can live their daily lives with predictable safety and dignity.
i think that live in PEACE is living respecting ourself and respecting all the enviroment,including in this everything,stars,
atmothphere,people,every life form,every natural thing!!!
This RESPECT will create and found the SAFETY and the DIGNITY ,that beatifuls concepts that Paul is talking about!
Another point:when i'm talking about respect ourself ,i'm meaning respect our nature,it means our biology but also our history,our tradicion,our root...And respecting the others it means respect also the others biology, the others history, the others traditions and the others roots.!

Thank you Paul an clu
I think peace not just a word to say, It is a collection of feeling to have and action to do.
We live in the same planet, see the same sun and moon and breath the same air so we must live others and share love between us and between our children.
I think we must learn generation the meaning of life with peace and how it differs than without peace.
yeah you have a beautiful way of saying words for peace never change for one thinks about
my blessings

I will answer this for you, peace has all definitions from war to battered women from to incest being mental y physically abused...............

I had read so many things of Ipeace and mepeace about what peace means. We want to stop war poverty, hunger that causes most conflict to have wars that have other people fight on. we want to stop women being abused that used for the simple reason they are all human beings that share with a mans world. And stop them from being used 4sex trade ..in other countries . We all need to stop what humanity is doing to people.Change is much needed to stop living same old ways of life styles . includes every buddy not middle eastern countries but western countries ..
To fulfill the UN declaration of Human Rights
For me peace is not something to be achieved... it is something to be attained. For peace is an eternal pressence that we are either aligned with interanlly or not.

Therefore, when one is aligned... peace exists. When one is not aligned... it still exists... yet not for the being who is seeking it outside themselves.

Peace exists outside the mind. The mind in and of itself... is everything but peace. So as we transcend our identification with the mind as species... we will naturally become who we actually are... which is peace.
Peace is what we find so naturaly, playing children, shopping without fear, kissing eachother goodby at the end of a lovely evening, knowing you wil see eachother again the next day...
Peace is so much!
I just want to wish it to everybody!!!!!!
Peace is accepting the others, by all aspects of life, including animals and and plants.
Acceptance is also obligation. When we practice these two in our everyday life - then , so I believe, we may have Peace upon us.
(A revised version of the response I've posted to the same question elsewhere on iPeace and other sites.)

I think inner peace (peace of mind), peace between people, and peace between countries are all basically the same.

Often when people speak of "peace," it sounds to me like they really mean isolation. In personal terms, "Leave me alone! Can't I get any peace and quiet?" In political terms, what Israelis call "unilateral separation."

My idea of peace? It's more clear in Hebrew. The word shalom is related to shalem, wholeness. Its opposite is machloket (conflict), which is related to chelek, division. Peace vs. conflict = wholeness vs. division

In the Talmud (gemara Nedarim, Yerushalmi), Ben Azzai puts this in terms that explicitly link the wholeness within a person with the wholeness of our relationships with others. He comments on the biblical verse (Leviticus 19) "Do not take revenge or bear a grudge against the children of your people, but you shall love your neighbor as yourself; I am HaShem [G!d]", saying:

"How can a person take revenge or bear a grudge against another person? It is like someone who is cutting meat that he is holding in his hand: If the knife accidentally slips and he cuts his hand, would he revenge that hand by cutting the other one?"

In other words, when you see the person facing you as an image of G!d, you see a reflection of your own deepest self in them - "Love your neighbor [who is] as yourself." How, then, could you want to harm them?

To me, peace is when we see each other in that light, and act toward each other accordingly.

Everything short of that - all the signed agreements, suppression of violence, respect for human rights, etc. (may it come today!) - is mere tolerance of that bothersome Other who we wish would just leave us alone.



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