IPeace has been succesful in raising our awareness and bringing people to action..to intervene and to try to influence those who are in leadership and government positions.

That is why i raise the issue of the Jenin Youth Orchestra .

This Orchestra, as other initiatives, is a way of bringing light to the people of the West Bank and can serve as a window of understanding and empathy across the lines that divide Palestinains and Israelis.

The Israeli Arab who has initiated the Jenin group, and those who supply aid are a Blessing and are Blessed by their work.

The repurcussions of this concert in Holon, Israel are severe as can be seen here. In the darkness of the hour, the job is not to make political profit or pressure...but to sow the seeds of light.. To light the little light that will effect the future.

I call upon members, especially our Palestinian Ipeace members, to continue in the tradition of this site..To work for the Future, for Hope by turning to their community and national leaders, calling for a new attitude towards the Jenin Youth Orchestra and its work.

I was hestitant in posting this.. I do not want people to use this story to "prove a point" about one side or the other. I am saddened by the actions, official and unofficial violence, taken against the Orchestra. The reaction should only be a call to all those who can influence to write a letter, make a phone call, and try to bring about positive change.

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I'm delight, Myron, about this! I'm with you! Music really give light and I know about Jenin Youth Orchestra.
Thanks to have this good ideas and to share us this post!
Smiles from your friend Luisella
Thank u for posting this,we need to feed our souls with good things like this .Don't fear to the correct things and the things your soul ask u,u are doing great!
We have in Israel many orchestras ,it would be great if they can play together with the Jenin Orchestra !What a great days for peace could come!!!
This is some of the Palestine Orchestra beautiful music :

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