How comes that I sometimes feel closer to a 4 year old child, than to someone who is in the middle of their life? Maybe it’s because of the symbols. Small children live very close to the symbolic and metaphoric world. They are giving full expression to their symbols . And when you get older you find your way back to this mystery which the life represent. This mystery can only be expressed in metaphors or symbols and there we, the small children and older people, can meet almost on the same level.
Someone who is in the middle of their carrier can never meet us there. Their lives are so filled up with “I must” or “ I have to” , These expression are unknown to small children, They live now and know nothing about tomorrow. They have no experiences of time. But many thoughts about the great things in life; Life and dead. They are all small philosophers. But when your are thirty-five most of those kinds of thoughts are gone.

How can I make carrier? How can I best promote myself? Can I afford to buy that villa? and so on. Those questions are for many people the thoughts that’s occupied their minds . How can they reach a four year old child who wants to know what happened to Simba´s (Walt Disney The King of the Lion) farther after he died. Simba could see his dead father in the sky.
That helped me to explain the death for my granddaughter. We had the necessary symbols, without which I don’t known how to explain the death for a little child. How to handle or deal with it without symbols?
Yes there are so many things that I prefer to “discuss” with a child, who still has an opened mind, than to a closed grown-up'

When do a child shut up their magical world? When do their stones stop living.?
Maybe it’s necessary but its tragic anyway…

The symbols and the metaphors are those which best can explain our lives, and the children are closest to them. That’s why they, themselves, are the greatest symbol of life.

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