End of the Mayan Calendar-Beginning of the New Era:
Celebration of All Cultures
April, 2009 Update

Two and a half months into co-creating the events for December of 2012 the progress has been going amazingly well. Our Website and Facebook Web Pages:



have been attracting folks from 61 countries and exceed 2,700 folks into participating on one level or another. Websites and Web Groups around the world feature news of the event(s) and it tops Google searches in several categories as many post/publish on their networks.
We are currently working on creating a video short, with the background music created by the group Galactic Butterfly titled Mayan Prayer and several music groups have expressed an interest in creating songs dedicated to the event which we will compile and present in CD & DVD form to help with funding needs and of course furthering awareness of the events.
To date Sister Events are in the works for Australia, New Zealand, Canada, the U.S., Chile, South Africa and the Middle East. Possibly others in Indonesia, Europe, Palestine and Central America.
We have a Blog TV channel in it’s embryonic state and various Blogs posted with a number of networks. Most known Rainbow groups web pages have been posted, with positive acceptance from the overall global network(s). Various Native American Web Pages are also involved and enthusiastic about Indigenous Peoples participation, though we still have much more work to do in getting the word out to all Tribes.
We have started publishing to alternative media sources world wide and will be expanding that greatly in the near future. We invite all folks interested in helping with this to publish the Invitation to your local alternative media sources as well.
We encourage all positive alternative groups, events and projects to become actively involved via Councils on ways which they can plug in, e.g. workshops & exhibits, encouraging volunteers at the 2012 events to participate in their efforts, creating new projects towards world peace and environmental consciousness and anything else they would like to see as parts in the co-creation of this/these historic event/events. As well as formulating events in their regions as lead-ups to the main event in Palenque, Chiapas - Mexico and creating Sister Events in their regions for folks who may not be able to attend events in other regions. There is no minimum, nor maximum, size for such events and all are welcome to be parts in whatever ways they consider feasible for them to do so.
We will be having complete internet media coverage via our own fully equipped buses and motor homes ready to record and transmit from the main event in Palenque and would hope to have others at events globally, with all networked. We plan on having films produced as well.
With the rather phenomenal growth which we have been experiencing we are in need of volunteer focalizers/coordinators for various aspects and needs. This entire effort will remain in the formulative stages as everything evolves so that all which everybody wants to see included can be considered by Councils and those that resonate well will be pursued as events & projects to be included in the general schedule of what will be shared. Consensus is the rule of the thumb when it comes to making decisions on that.
Level 1 Consensus’: If one third of Council members (which are open to all) agree that ideas should be considered workshop/brainstorming groups of those in agreement will be set up to refine the ideas.
Level 2 Consensus’: If half the Council members reach a general consensus groups will be formed to implement whatever folks consider as worth while projects and be able to seek group fund raising, material contributions and volunteers for their co-creation.
Level 3 Consensus’: Those events & projects already grounded in realities that reach two thirds consensus will automatically be included as active parts of the event(s). This of course would include any active projects which already have strong backing from their groups specific and those who support their efforts.
Level 4 Consensus’: Any projects which reach three quarters, or more, consensus agreements will have top billings for announced parts of the event(s). Such projects might include current strong efforts like Greenpeace, Rainbow Gatherings & Projects, The World Peace March(s), Help International/HI with their relief efforts. IPeace and a myriad of other worthy grassroots efforts already making a difference in the world today. Any such efforts are more than welcome to contact us for inclusion and they will all essentially be co-sponsors of the 2012 events (contact: rainbow_gathering@yahoo.com to present your active projects and please include your Website or Web Page so that it can be presented in Councils).
We do have ample lead time with 3 years and 8 months until the events proper and in that time we expect to greatly expand the visions and purposes so that all essentials can be included which will lead us into a truly New Era with incredibly strong focuses on World Peace and the preservation & restoration of our Natural Environment so that future generations of all life may know a healthy world upon which to survive and thrive.
Today we see a great awakening of peoples globally who not only are aware of the problems we face, but who are actively pursuing positive alternatives so that solutions can be put in place that will allow us to truly be the change the peoples of the world wish to see for themselves, their children and all future generations. Not just of our human species, but for all life forms upon the Mother Earth which is our common home and heritage.
In two months since its’ inception this effort has become a world wide presence involving the peoples of many cultures. It literally has a presence on every continent, 60& countries and includes people from a great many walks and ways of life. It bridges many former gaps between ethnic groups as they start working in harmony to achieve peace and meet the needs of their peoples.
It should be noted that, of the invitations which have gone out so far, about half those responding have confirmed their intents to actively participate, which is a rather amazing percentage of positive respondents to what has basically been a general mailing of information. And it can be safely assumed that many who have stated they will not be attending will change their minds as we get closer to the dates of the events and they see the essentially overwhelming positive responses of others. Then again many responded under the assumption that there would only be one event in Palenque, Chiapas - Mexico and their situations simply would not permit them to travel there, but Sister Events in many regions closer to them would make them reconsider.
All and all the progress made to date has been rather phenomenal and many aspects are now already in place, with many more in their formulative states of evolving.
All receiving this and other information are requested to forward, post and publish to all appropriate destinations and to sign onto the http://onthepathto2012.mundomio.org Website via the Ning Social & Chat link if you would like to actively participate, as well as the Facebook pages if you wish to simply confirm your intentions of attending the main event, or any Sister Event which may evolve in your more immediate regions.
Once again, volunteers are needed for every aspect and particularly ones with some background in organizing events and projects. Representatives of active projects are more than welcome to network their groups efforts into this historic event.
Walk in Peace
Rainbow Hawk: General Focalizer/Coordinator

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End of the Mayan Calendar-Beginning of the New Era: Celebration of All Cultures
December 1st - 31st , 2012
Palenque, Chiapas Mexico & Sister Events World Wide

December 21st, 2012 celebrates the changing of the Eras as marked by the Mayan Calendar, the most astronomically correct in existence, which coincides with the changing from the Age of Pisces to the Age of Aquarius.
The Peoples of All Cultures are invited to take part in the main event at Palenque, area of the Sacred Mayan temples, Chiapas – Mexico and via Sister Events around the world which will be celebrated by millions of people globally.
It is the express desire and will of the people to bring with them to this/these event(s) all of the best which every culture has to offer as a model of that which we all wish to enter this New Era with and that will foster World Peace and the Healing of the Mother Earth. Leaving behind all those things which have to date brought the world to the brink of ecological disaster and torn by the divisions of the people which has led the world to wars, genocide, illnesses and strife.
Achieving the common desires of all peoples to live in peace & harmony with each other and nature are our goals. A world where future generations of life will know true prosperity allowing for all peoples needs to be met, where we can live a life of dignity & respect for one another and all living creatures which we share this beautiful planet with.
The one common event planned for all events world wide is to be an hour Circle of Silence for World Peace and the Healing of the Mother Earth. This will take place during the times immediately prior, during and after the precise timing of the Changing of the Eras. During this hour all who participate will silently think, pray, meditate and feel in their beings the complete desire to know and be part of the change which must take place. Dedicating themselves to carrying this with them the full intent of being living examples of our deepest dreams and visions.
This is not anything that political, religious or social leaders can dictate, but rather a choice to be made by each person to accept personal responsibility to bring about a new age that strives to co-create the future we all wish to see and know as living parts of the the realities.
During this month long event Councils, free for the participation of all attending, are encouraged so that groups and networks will be formed that will integrate the best that we can all present so that we can weave together the finest and best approaches towards achieving an Era of Enlightenment where genuine deeds can be co-created that will deal with all of the needs of humanity and all species.
We all know, only too well, the problems which we face around the world today, but dwelling on those is not the objective of these Councils. The objectives being the finding and presenting of the solutions to them so that we can set clear paths towards co-creating positive alternatives via viable means to resolve the problems which exist at the end of the passing Era/Age.
Further encouraged at all events will be the celebrations of all of the arts: Graphic, Musical, Theater, Performing Arts of all styles and forms. Presentations of cultural garments, foods, beverages (We request that alcohol and hard drugs not be included in any aspects of these events), ceremonies & cultural histories. We welcome appropriate, portable and natural materials, living habitats such as Tipis, Yurts, Longhouses, Palapas, Wicci-ups and shelters used by all traditional cultures.
Alternative energy devises which work more in harmony with nature are greatly encouraged. Workshops on those, harmonious agriculture, holistic healing, cottage industries, conflict resolution, arts & crafts are all welcomed.
All groups who have active projects are welcomed to present their good works in exhibits, workshops and Councils towards garnering support for their worthy efforts. The formulation of new groups and networks are also highly encouraged.
Rainbow Hawk: Focalizer/Coordinator rainbow_gathering@yahoo.com


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