Today I have been searching a group where I can share my story. Actually I am living in the center of war on terrorism, therefore, my thread always remained the tragic. This is my desire to give happiness with the people, but at the moment I am in pain. Therefore, again I am sharing my problems with you with the hope someone among you will read it and give comment. At the moment I have been receiving great threat. The state of Pakistan has been terrorising. Rulers for saving their chairs have handed over a certain area to terrorists. Now we will be ruled by terrorists, who are nothing except the language of guns.
I am just sharing a comment of Pakistan newspaper with you. Within hours of the signing of the Nizam-e-Adl regulation, TNSM chief Sufi Muhammad Khan has claimed its provisions grant militants immunity against prosecution for crimes they have committed. This means that murderers, rapists and torturers – such as those who flogged a hapless woman on the streets – will get away scot-free. It is hard to know if the government agrees with the militant interpretation of the new law; an NWFP minister, when asked, declined to comment – but given that we saw what amounts to complete capitulation by the National Assembly as it recommended that the law be signed, it is not hard to believe that this stance by the militants will be greeted only with the silent acceptance of the defeated.

The spineless display by the provincial government and parliament means the militants are more confident than ever. They have stated they will be 'touring' districts of Malakand and neighbouring Buner to ensure peace is kept. This is rather ominous given that the militants have so far brought with them nothing but violence and suffering. The ban placed on the display of arms in public means nothing, given that this can of course be ended at any time. There has been no mention of de-weaponisation or a surrender of guns, which could perhaps bring longer-term peace in the area. We must see if the government makes any effort to respond to Sufi's claims or whether it is too scared of the militant might to do even this. When finalising its policy, it must also consider what impact the imposition of the militant-dictated law in Swat is having on people. Within the country there has been a wave of despondency, with many fearing the caving-in we have seen in Malakand could be a first step in a more strident charge by militants out to seize the country as a whole. Some have already threatened to march on Islamabad.

The demoralization and de-motivation we see everywhere as many of us feel that their government cannot and will not protect them can have only a negative effect. The insistence by the PPP that it is a 'liberal' party now has even less meaning than before. In the eyes of the international community, the events of the past few days prove Pakistan is, on its own, not able to stand up to the terrorists. At a time when we need support from the world in the form of both investment and encouragement, this is not the message the world should get from us. The latest talk of immunity from the TNSM chief prove the militants now speak from the mighty pedestal of power, while the rest of us cower below. They will use this power, as they have done before, to crush ordinary people – particularly the most helpless. A failure to punish those guilty of crime will only encourage others to follow similar courses of action and this could spell disaster for the state of Pakistan.
Now I have great concern for my security as I have to pass from the areas which are under the control of terrorists. Now I am receiving threats from terrorists as at the moment I am speaking in favour of peace. I hate war as the war only brings death and destruction. I am needing your help for making this world a better place.

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Dear friend:
All I personaly can do, right in this moment, is try to share the pain of yours.
I'm so far away from you, and I'm trying, by my time, to get off from the poverty line.
Please, accept my respect, compassion and prays.
But, after all, there is a Power that overpass all "powers" that we can conceive.


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