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I wrote this poem a year after my step daughter was killed in the London Bombings of 2005.

No Room for Hate.

There is no room within my heart
for revenge, fire or hate
there is no room within my mind
for any thoughts like these.

I cannot find the words to say
just how it is I feel
but I know from deepest hurt
I must forgiveness find.

The hurt that’s been done to us
cuts sore like a knife,
but we must not, repay in kind
what has been done to us.

Instead we must try and find
the way that is so hard,
and reach out our loving hands
to find some friendship now.

There can be no more healing thing
than opening wide our eyes
and seeing that most other folk
are really just like us.

David November 2006

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Comment by Raven Cohan on September 22, 2013 at 10:57pm

Happy Birthday... I peace...

May wonders never cease...

The members are not deceased...

In time they will increase.

That anniversary 'lease'

Is renewed and watered like trees

That grow in a field of peas.

Many more Happy Anniversaries...  Blessings in Tao, Raven

Comment by Teresa Moraska on February 24, 2013 at 9:43pm

I agree with you Raven.  Beautiful thoughts.  Peace to you.  Teresa and the Dolphins


Comment by Raven Cohan on February 24, 2013 at 9:27pm

What happens when you let your secret desires and wishes

Flow out to the multitudes?

Sometimes, they come alive and take wing and sprout like a seed

That is shot forth by the wind,

And they find the perfectly fertile-most soil.

Sprouts pop up to begin a journey and eventually even


But sometimes, The world stops the winds at

The exact time you need them.

Sometimes, a joke made by mother nature,

Disables the most sought after plans

Of Mice and Men.

Well, I don't know about the mice,

But I  had spread my intentions too far and wide.

(Actually, I always believed in...

"Holding your energy IN.")

I believed and practiced that credo up 'til

This project mentioned on Jan. 26th:

The seed flew and the soil was not ready.

The rains didn't come, even if it had been ready.

I journeyed far and found that some information

That might have saved me a fruitless journey,

Coulda, should, woulda... been told to me over the phone.

And saved me the entire expensive journey.

Alas, (as they say in poetry!)

Alas, a lass flew to only fly home sooner.

It's time to replant now.

A journey continues, but I remain on my

Own shores. Regrouping.

And all for the better. Because...

My patience continues to be built and built like a trellis

That holds a vine.

Comment by Raven Cohan on January 26, 2013 at 6:49am

It's nearly Valentine's Day and pens jump out of pockets...

To write a note to lovers and mates.

This will be the first year in 22 together that my mate and I

Won't be together on that day of lovers. 

I will be in Thailand putting the last touches on a book

To be published by my teacher there.

At the end of Feb.

My husband Gene and I will reunite in our home.

The Hearts, hopefully grown fonder by the separation.

I will be no longer obsessed with writing, writing and writing.

And love will flow, fountain like...

Comment by Raven Cohan on January 26, 2013 at 6:40am

Tea for flue but flue for you...
If A.M.A.* will make you blue.
They make you think
You're on the brink... your THROUGH!

Don't let them fool ya
Their obsessions rule ya
If you think all day long
Of naught but the "Flue Song"
Your Cells will be listening
And you'll soon be glistening with Fever.....
Change now your thinking,
And get your self drinking
Teas that will be linking
YOUR CELLS to protection
Like armoured suits once did
In  eras long GONE in old wars.......
But you don't have to fight a war
Just do not listen any more
To A.M.A.'s blue songs...
Take herbal TEAS.... then...
"Flue BEGONE!!!!"
* A.M.A. is the American Medical Association
Love and Blessings in Tao,  Raven Cohan
Comment by Raven Cohan on September 25, 2011 at 6:35pm

Peace in the ETERNAL NOW

by Raven


My working reality is that we live in the Eternal Now.

I cry and laugh,

I play and work,

I live and die

In the Eternal NOW.

So every day I mourn  myself and others...  in many lives,

And I celebrate  wonderful times in those same lives.

And therefore everyone alive in a human body

At any given time in the history that we barely can


Comes along for the ride being celebrated in

My thought of any second.

This second's thought OR a thought I had when I was three years old,

or one I will have when I am one hundred and twenty years old

Is here with me in the ETERNAL now.

This is the way I want to conduct my life.

I am not always successful.

Sometimes I curse something that is of the moment.

When I can, I go back to

The peace that is best found in


I practice living and dying in the


Comment by Liliana Vinteler on September 24, 2011 at 12:12pm

giving a hand on the earth

i give my heart on the sky too, 

thank you me too

Comment by David Gould on September 22, 2011 at 2:41am
We are the Peace

Without words the world is dumb
without hope the world is numb
we have words
we have hope
We are the Peace to come.

David © 2nd January 2010
Comment by David Gould on September 22, 2011 at 2:36am

The Gulf Between


Betwixt the two the gulf divides

the canyon that alone decides

whether love and hate can meet

or forever will they compete.


David © 2011-07-22

Comment by David Gould on September 22, 2011 at 2:35am

Our Sons at the Battlefields


How these fields peacefully lie

where so many came to die

and the markers, row on row

row on row of human sorrow

for them there was no tomorrow

and many yet lie where they fell

trapped forever in conflict’s hell.


I wish someone held my hand

and helped me try to understand

why so many young men died

and how their lives were swept aside

sweeping all this land as a tide

as they fell on unseeing ground

layer on layer, an obscene mound.



Now my friend we stand and weep

recalling the death they didn’t seek

these young men were like our sons

full of hope and manly passions

but with a haughty sweep of pen

the orders sent them to that end

that none could ever comprehend

looking at peaceful field and fen.


David Gould © 23rd February 2010


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