Greetings Of Peace To All! I am Charlie Kirkpatrick, CEO of TeamOG, acronym for: The Essence And Meaning Of God. At TeamOG we are dedicated to working for The Liberation and Total Enlightenment Of All Sentient Beings. To this end, we are now distributing The World Peace Code, an ebook that introduces those who read it to the true and eternal nature of human consciousness/the true and eternal nature of God!

All proceeds from the sale and marketing of The World Peace Code are used to help liberate and enlighten abused and downtroden men, women and children around the world and also to stress the importance of making peace on earth!

We believe the main cause of the global state of terror, destruction, and war around the world today which threatens the very survival of human kind on earth, is directly related to our ancient perceptions and beliefs relating to religion and the true nature and meaning of God, thus: The creation of TeamOG. Please find the introduction to The World Peace Code here:

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Thank you for posting this Discussion, Charlie. I would be interested in seeing photos of some of the projects you are currently involved with supporting or have done in the past if you have any available. Thank you again for being a participating part of "PUT YOUR LIGHTS ON!" Namaste!


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