Empathy or Empathic when Negative events occur or there are negative energies around you, How do you maintain composure?

I am very sensitive and empathic, therefore the way that I control my empathy for emotions or physical ailments; I have to touch my forehead, and say that this is not me. I stop and meditate to get back to myself so I do not BECOME the Negativity and React. Anger, Sadness, Stress, and Anxiety can cause people to react. I also have to disconnect from people who take and do not give back. I believe that if something does not make you feel good, try to do something different, and see how you feel after it is eliminated. I keep making changes everyday, and I love learning more about myself everyday, but the truth is you can never rid negativity or negative energies. The ultimate person is a cosmic person who loves and accepts all, but that takes a very evolved and loving human being. A deep spirit, a special soul and a Strong person. I strive to become that everyday, and I appreciate all of my friends on here and in my group. I am expressing general banter of how I become more peaceful Within....

Unconditional Love,


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