The "Ring" is a group of interlinked sites, each having Next and Previous "Ring" menu items.

(Clicking on the RING itself links back to main Collective site's Ring Group)

These allow our many common members to "do the rounds" of the sites they belong to and has proven to be very popular.
As of the 11th December, there are 26 networks in the Ring.

To see how the Ring works, please go here, use the Ring>Next or Ring>Previous items on the menu to step around the ring and see the wonderful collection of kindred sites and like-minded souls.

You will probably see a whole lot of very familiar faces :-).

Since installation of the Ring, membership, traffic and interest have increased markedly in all ringed sites. For example, Angel's membership increased by over 100 in a matter of a day and hits per day nearly doubled at Love Is The Answer and MindStorm.

eg. Lita hits/day: (Ring installed on the Wednesday)

If you have a ning site that you believe should be in the ring, we would be more than happy to assist in setting up the menu item if required.

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