Dear all,

following suggestion has been placed on Middle Fireside group. It would be great if we agree on a systematic procedure of organized cooperation.

I use this chance to suggest systematic "simple" procedures to organize discussions within iPeace in general.

1. Topics proposals Brainstorming 1
Purpose: group member should propose key topics for discussion round x (maximal 3). Topic proposal brief description should have
A. title, submitter name
B. context to main topic in order to build semantic-mesh-work,
C. target
Duration: Members has 3 days from call for discussion round to submit their proposals to one discussion coordinator(s)/secretary.

2. Topics proposals Brainstorming 1 internal review
Purpose: Coordinators/editors will review the proposals, make intersection, build dependencies and submit list proposals (with info above) for the next step.
Tools: like
Duration: 1 day

3. Topics modifications Brainstorming 2 open feedback session
Purpose: every topic will have chance for feedback and for review from all discussion-round-x active members. Topic submitter will collect the feedback and have chance to adapt their proposals and send new version to coordinators.
Duration: 3 days

4. Topics short list internal review
Purpose: Coordinators/editors will set priorities and create a short list of discussion topics.
like 2.

5. discussion round program will announcement

Admin will announced discussion round(s) program. Each round has 3 topics which will be discussed in parallel.

6. discussion round start
Duration: one week
Roles: Topic submitter is the moderator and editor for the topic. Topic holder will submit a summery one day after round end.

Summaries will be posted on submitter blog in order to collect comments.

7. discussion brake and data collection
Duration: 1 week

At then end topic holder will send to Admin/coordinators the “final” summery for discussion round-x.

The summery will be added on iPeace a collaborative-site online. Announcement for the whole network will be send about the new updates.


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are you a computer programmer or engineer?
a little pit of every thing.
Ni l'un ni l'autre pour l'instant, je récupère des informations
hmm, no speaking French, sorry ..


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