What we can agree about.

The LIFE FORCE is the gift to all… It’s neutral, it accepts us the way we are. It doesn’t judge, it forgives and has the ability to let go. Our emotions make us pull down ourselves and each other. OUR choices decide what the world becomes

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The Life Force is the great gift to ALL... Why don't we see it? Is it simply too close?

The Life Force is the gift to all of us every second… The fact that makes our heart beat and our lungs breathe and that we have thoughts and feelings. It is the same for all human beings, whatever religion, culture, or background.

Let’s observe this energy that gives us life. It does not make any difference, it’s simply there for all. In other words; it’s NEUTRAL in it’s relation to all human beings. It continues to flow into our beings, whoever we are, wherever we live.

What more can we observe?
Neither murderers, soldiers or terrorists loose their lives if they take other people’s lives. They can continue to live for many years. Even if most of us haven’t killed anybody, we can imagine what it would be like. It would be our own feelings that stopped our joy of life, because of the pain we would carry along…

Thus we can observe that the Life Force doesn’t stop us even if we do something wrong. From this we can draw the following conclusion:
It is our own choices that decides what Life becomes for us. What we choose to think, what we choose to do and what we choose NOT to do…

So, we can live on even after the worst imaginable misdeeds. What conclusion can we make out of that?
Actually, we can conclude that THE LIFE FORCE DOES NOT JUDGE. It gives life and continues to give life all the time.
It is WE who judge ourselves and each other all the time. Life is there for us continuously and gives us new opportunities. Every day we get blanc sheets.

It is our own baggage of emotions that makes us pull down both ourselves and each other.
The Life Force doesn’t seem to feel fear, guilt, shame or not being good enough… It just continues to flow, even when we do things that seem unforgivable.
In other words: It forgives us the same moment as we have done something wrong!
The gift of The Life Force implies FORGIVENESS every single moment!

It is what we feel when we act towards ourselves and each other, that decides our experience of life. From this we can draw another conclusion. The Life Force has the ability immediately TO PUT BEHIND whatever happens.

If somebody accepts you and forgives you just the way you are; if the same person doesn’t judge you, but give you new chances all the time; what would you say about the person??

Our conclusion is:

The more we can live in alignment with the Life Force, the better the world becomes............

This is the core of The Peace Program

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Comment by Des on June 10, 2009 at 3:59pm
Is this the life force of our universe?

I sometimes think that maybe this is what our connection to the lifeforce (or collective conciousness) looks like. On the other hand, maybe the picture is just a helpful idea, but not what the lifeforce actually is. Perhaps this lifeforce is something that we can't really describe but can just feel it and be connected with it when we are able to disidentify a little bit from who we believe or think we are, e.g., our roles, jobs, achievements, emotional states etc...not to say that I think any of these things are wrong,...I think they're important, but when we become bound to them, maybe we lost contact with our true selves, or lifeforce of the universe that gives us effortless intelligence and wisdom if only we are able to allow ourselves to be connected with it?
Comment by gunilla caisson on June 2, 2009 at 10:03pm
To Inger yeah I do agree with you on some kind of energy which bind us all together and provide us with force...
Comment by Marie Antoinette Saide on June 1, 2009 at 11:46am

Nature is generous but humans are not. 99 per thousand receive and don't give. Rich people keep the money inside their selfishness… poor people die from hunger and wars. Politics create wars to fulfill their egoist needs… many people are the victims…
But the law of nature exists and " We reap what we sow " … this is the law of karma..the universal law of the UNIVERSE…
Comment by gunilla caisson on May 31, 2009 at 1:48pm
What we can agree on is that we can not always agree and that it is OK ;)

We can agree on many of our goals but maybe not always on the means...

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