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If beautiful music has the power to heal the world, one heart at a time, then may my music be a potent elixir for peace.

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When it comes to peace, how would you describe yourself?
I am a born activist
What do you believe are the 'burning issues' today?
War, Hunger, Poverty, Education, Our Planet, Violence, Human Rights
What must we overcome to achieve peace?
It takes courage to take the first step, to treat others with compassion and respect knowing it may not be reciprocated. It takes strength to go the extra mile knowing that there may not be a rewarding outcome. Individuals as well as communities and countries can always choose higher ways to express courage and strength. When enough individuals on our planet choose to live lives of kindness and reciprocity, I believe peace will be inevitable.
Can we change the world?
More about me
I'm a composer and pianist.
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At 12:41am on June 14, 2010, Eva said…

iPeace is deleted from David Califa the end of June. Here you can find a new home.

You are cordially invited.

Warm regards, Eva
At 11:01pm on April 17, 2010, Motorcycle Hippy Al said…

At 10:52pm on April 17, 2010, Samuel Rodriguez said…
Hi! Rebecca
Hope everything is going well with you!
Hope everything is going well with you!
Glitter Words
[ - *Glitter Words*]

Find more videos like this on iPeace
Kisses! Samuel
At 10:29am on December 27, 2009, WARIS ALI said…
Same to you here my friend.
Rebecca,it is the time now that we all should feel our responsibility seriously to change the globe into real better globe .We all should must have our contribution to promote the love,friendship.peace,tolerance,solidarity,justice,education and to eradicate the extremism,terrorism,poverty,hunger,illiteracy,injustice.This is the way we can have a peaceful and prosperous planet.
Let me now please to wish u wonderful 2010 filled with joy,peace,good health and more energetic & active to serve the Humanity around the Globe.

In peace
Waris Ali
At 5:17pm on September 21, 2009, David Sparenberg said…
1st Day of Fall…


The earth is an orange
with a crimson aura;
the sun a green melon
with aura of gold.
The sky, deep blue,
shades through lavender
into purple.

an oriental maple,
with leaves turned scarlet,
a gypsy plays
a hand carved flute.

If there is a pond,
it is green with reflection:
the quiet dreams
of Taoist frogs.

From a stone beneath
a bridge of oak,
an angel departs.
Or a dove flies up
and kisses heaven.

In the softness
of a moment,
the heart finds solace.

David Sparenberg
At 8:28am on September 5, 2009, David Sparenberg said…

What if
we set ourselves to move with Bach
like organ-clock or
flourished in the artful ragas of India
There is a style of complexity
that is as smooth as silken tapestry
And human sounds might
teach to angels a
music grace that
counters hate And we
to be that motion that
recreates the genius-complexity of wind and
ocean hallowed lifting
flesh to dance
our souls to harmony

Therein would end would surely end
anguish and the agony
suffering and the tyranny of war
No violence would from soundings such as this
be wrought No
further consequences sought -What
at close of day toward sojourn’s end
one sat to write within a
dairy’s treasured foliage on
yellowed-scarlet leaves of time
these words alone:
My life is as concerto – allegro allegretto
to adagio Or rag Or jazz
like Kara Johnstad’s Berlin Wall
as “Summer Knows”* and
I am morning’s violin
piano’s slow and wending curves
or evening sitar One
twilight that invites the light one
twilight ‘fore the blush of night one
sounding of love’s sacred heart One
…like JS Bach

David Sparenberg
4 September 2009

*”Summer Know” a recent recording by Jazz singer/songwriter Kara
Johnstad, who lives in Berlin and whose “Wall” is a wave of sound, not
cement, steel and wire to divide but vocals to carry the placard-songs
of a global invitation.
At 6:31am on August 12, 2009, David Sparenberg said…
Hello Rebecca...


Beyond the horizon
where naked skin of Earth
naked skin of Sky
children of imagination are conceived
in intercourse of mystery.

Time curves…. Dragons
form circles
in bubbles of eternity.
The ageless shepherd of our shadows
enters the pasture
that was and was not green
before the birth of poetry. Dreamers

drunken in the breath
of dark divinity dream
in secret dramas of their souls. At
times wild cries out for wilderness.
Or meditations of a mountain’s crest
become light’s prayer
in hearts of darkness.

Creation consents…. Nomads
bearing gypsy tents
thirst for twilight. Ancient
fires in books of alchemy. Riddles
of each night. The longest
word in life… is “Yes.”

David Sparenberg
11 August 2009
At 3:19am on August 10, 2009, David Sparenberg said…

Ride the horse.
The horse.
The horse.
Ride the horse, ride
into mythology
into kabbalah
into alchemy
Ride to the heart of
God’s intimate dream.

Horse is powerful.
Horse is beautiful
with passions strong
passion’s songs. Simple,
agile, august.
The flowing tail;
the ample mane
of braided gold.

The golden dust
at hooves of fire!

Ride the horse.
The horse.
The horse.
Ride the horse
upon God’s wind;
on the old
shaman’s back of
wolf pelts, bear claws
raven wing, snake skin
moth entranced. Ride

to the edge of the first and final word.
Ride to the turning
tide of light-thread
tasseled moon. To
the kingdom of angel-stars.
To where sacrificial seraphim
perish in phoenix-flame of prayer.

To where the
butterflies fold their
wings of silk and
wait for death. To
where dragonflies are resurrected.
And ageless midnight penetrates
the virgin eyes and
smile of dawn.

Do you believe, nomad
that trees smile, that
mountains contemplate
that rivers
having kissed the
floating head of Orpheus’
lips, sing the valleys
of the soul’s dark poetry?
The yin
before the yang of pilgrimage.


Ride the horse.
The horse.
The medicine horse!
Golden dust
of pollen mist
at hooves of fire;
the arcing journey…


Ride to the
“there” that is here.
Ride to the then
that is forever now.
To the intimate
divinity of everywhere;
to the intricate “yes”
in the silence of nothingness;
the wonder of hush, of
forgotten embrace.

This Tao of Peace:
this neighing energy.

There is a star
on the horse’s forehead.
Healers call it
Blaze of Bethlehem.
The flying shadow
ripples over ground like
Shiva’s mantic dance.

The horse’s name is
Bird With Four Legs.
The horse’s path
is Wind Song Dancer.

In the medicine
bundle of crucified time
the horsehair drum
revives the soul.
With hand of blessing
in the inner Jordan
paints colors martyred
on the face of memory.

Stamp the Red Hand
on your horse’s haunch!

When night
is cold, scatter warmth of prairie stars.
When evil rattles
the thorn tree of agony
the poems of roses
from the fountain of your heart.

what you give to life
. Soul
and blood.
Sweat and grace.

9 August 2009
At 9:20am on August 3, 2009, PHILOXENIA said…
Dearest Rebecca!

Welcome to our Community, the perfect place to communicate, to make friends, have fun, to give or get information, help, advice, support, hints, tips and tricks, and you can also promote you e-business, but most of all to meet spiritual friends.

Accept my friendship with a poem

Some friends are like a flower, and when they finally bloom,
they wilt away in just one day, and sometimes just by noon.

Some friends are like a cloudy day, and when the sun's in sight,
it gets blocked by the greyest cloud and day turns into night.

Some friends are like a maple tree, and with the slightest breeze,
the coloured leaves, they all come loose and float away with ease.

Some friends are like a circle, for they are always true,
I know I have a friend like that and yes, that friend is you.

The Rose © Nana Mouskouri

Click above

Greetings from Greece
PHILOXENIA Admin [Georgios]
At 12:00pm on July 27, 2009, Hans-Joachim KNOLL said…

I hope, you are fine and healthy and send you the most cordial greetings.
I hope, we all find a good way for peace and freedom for all the people and for all the creatures on this wonderful blue planet. YES, WE CAN !!!
Wish yourself and your family a peaceful and happy Monday, a good start in the new week and all the very best for you.
Your Hans-Joachim KNOLL
At 6:22pm on July 22, 2009, David Sparenberg said…

maiden of midnight
mothering side
of the God of life
descend now
to this troubled heart
this garden soul
lift me
as if on eagles’ wings
to wear the fiery
robes of lightning
let my thunder roll

let me sit
in luminal darkness
meditating prayers
in the shapes of light
let me dream
dream beneath the breathing rainbow
of your love.

There is a place
that place is nowhere
and a time
pierced by eternity
known to pilgrims
as the rest of God.
the man of roads and
child of his returning
bow together
in everlasting peace.

David Sparenberg
1 May 2008
At 3:34am on July 20, 2009, David Sparenberg said…

Not everyone comes wearing
a red dress.
Many are content with
white shirts, plaid skirts, blue jeans.
The wounded are wearing
because for them
the world is prematurely cold.
The silly and the cleverest
are dressed as clowns.
And the angels are
naked, between the eyelashes
of our setting sun.

Not everyone comes wearing
the reminder of black,
although pain is everywhere
and loss attends us.
Those who are painted in blood
have wept in the wasting of war.
And those who are
painted with light
are here to heal us.

even if I came to you
in the rags of weariness,
the cloak of invisibility or
dust of neglect, the
web of a spider,
would you offer me a drink of water
seeing thirst,
and help to decide
a way, at the crossroads of life?
If I look into your
hands, what will I find:
a golden thread,
the strength of beauty,
a loaf of bread?

David Sparenberg
18 July 2009
At 8:03am on July 14, 2009, David Sparenberg said…

The expression
of the beautiful genius
opens like a wordless
and clothes us
in the fumes
of paradise.
when we are
listening to the wings
of crows and the
tender melodies
of elfin butterflies
we feel embraced
by the breath
of angels.
so softly, so
delicate-sweet that
velvet on a virgin’s
might touch us
with an offering.
we are there, out
in that other place
the familiar cup
of a summer’s rose
from this ground
to kiss us
with the miracle
of its pouring passions.
we are downed
into the common
haunting symbolum
of earth’s
dense mystery.
not a single
word has swollen
to the lips
like a cherry
freshly swollen,
but the heavy
of a working bee
in the ecstasies
of pollen.
we are spellbound
and complete.
Like fruit.
Like garden.

David Sparenberg
At 1:44am on July 5, 2009, tim max said…
hello !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
At 10:06am on June 27, 2009, shujaat ali said…
Thank you. Rebecca, for accepting my my request for frienship on iPeace network. You can come and join iPeace Pakistan to make difference in the life of the people displaced from their homes in the north west of Pakistan. Shujaat
At 8:09am on June 20, 2009, Kalsi : We are all one . said…
Hi ! dear friend , Rebecca Oswald , greetings.
At 6:23pm on June 18, 2009, David Sparenberg said…

When the one who is awaited comes
and you find your face
within his face
and your heartbeat
living inside his heartbeat
as entwined as lover’s breath;

when the angel that he brings
bears your name as
clearly inscribed as his own
and the animal at his side
walks peacefully
in the shadow of your footsteps;

then will the Earth Revolution begin
like a child
awakening at the onset of morning
(a Dawn Child)
and green will be as red as gold.

And that which starts
prayerful in a whispered word
swift as lightning
or as wildfire consumes
not but bitterness
and the lusts of exploitation and war.

And it shall end in this:
The never ending fertility
of the dream of God
and the promise filling the fields
of holy prophesy. For we

in the companionship
of the awaited—of one coming on—
shall eat at the banquet of our preparations.
And the one will be invited
to sit here
and be among us.

That day shall be called
Abundance. And that night
Deliverance from the Apocalypse
of manmade evils. And the world
with the one at the center of
the everywhere from
now until always will dance.

Dance as people dance
around a tree of fire
that does not burn but
shines with joy. With life.
With redefining

David Sparenberg
6 August 2008


In the terrible
conflagration of war
it is not only armies
that are consumed
but the obo
and the violin die
die tragically as well.

In the monstrous
rampages of hatred
it is not only the victims
of insidious propaganda who
are the targets of political rage
but the flowers of perception
are withered too.

Like a winter storm
the land that longs
for love of spring
wastes with wounds
and ugly memories.

Somewhere in the darkness
of petrifying screams
there is the smell of
carrion earth
an outcry of blood.

Music too
like a sweetness in the soul of
struggling even
as a song bird
in the heart of the angel
of human discovery perishes.

Who then pleads
for the others who
are scattered everywhere
like dust in the wind?

David Sparenberg
25-26 July 2008
At 4:45pm on June 17, 2009, David Sparenberg said…

You cannot be all things
You cannot have all things
You cannot say everything righteous or beautiful
or even everything that needs to be said
You cannot be the world governing order
You cannot be the prince of peace in glory
and the founding father of trust, truth and community
You cannot be synagogue and mosque
and catholic church
You cannot be the bank of ambition
or the pulse of aspiration, inspiration
or the pillar undergirding the mishaps of the poor
You cannot be the estuary of ubiquitous pain
or the pit of vicarious agony
or the midmost point in the zenith
of meditative light

You cannot love all loveliness
or possess all sensual moments
or parent all children
who grow and need feeding, anymore
than be a brother to every man
who prays for a friend
or all friends in prayer for their brothers
You will not, no, you certainly, certainly will not
end all wars
correct injustices, end intolerance
or give the healing medicine to each and every
thought askew or soul inflamed or twisted limb
Or reach deed, deep within and mend
the sources of malice, malediction and festering atrocities
—the abrupt violence or the violence premeditative
and executed by design
You cannot be the psalmist David
with his god-touched, angel’s tongue
or the sagacious Solomon, with his dialectical- intuitive mind
or the fire empowered Elijah
on a chariot of wings on the wind
of eternity-piercing time
nor even become any of the wide world’s billions of other
forms and faces of frightened, absurd, honest
and death defying human beings
You can only be you (small and set apart)
You can say what you say (rich but

You can love whom you choose (with paradox and
exemplary passion)
You can do what you do
(in the full composition of act and intention
in the shadow and the substance of each offertorial,
twofold, implicational act)
And in so do
and in so saying
and in so loving
—-especially in the loving
with its pearl-like mystery
with its transformational chemistry
and with its spectrum of free floating, face making colors
by being
only who you are and what you are
when you are and where you are
you share a little (but oh! so importantly)
in the gold pot of creation’s bounty and carry
the whole cross in your limited, pennypoor,
privational portion, miraculously, bite and kiss
the full, red, honey dipped and wine sopped lips
of poison, dismemberment
and salvation.

from HEALING, A Book of Poetry by David Sparenberg
At 10:28am on June 15, 2009, Chetana said…
Dear Rebecca,
For Me ♫ ♫ MuSiC ♫ ♫

Music makes me happy when I'm sad..
Music makes me laugh when I'm alone..
Music makes me fell comfortable when I'm not..
Music makes me strong when I'm weak..

Music helps me appreciate its message
Music helps me remember those important people in my life
through its message
Music helps me unwind when I'm confused

Music showed me how beautiful life is
Music showed me how meaningless is my life
if there's no ♪ MUSIC ♪

Thanks for your friendship It is an honor to me.
At 7:11am on March 30, 2009, Manuel Eduardo Aranguren said…
Rebecca, Thanks for accepting me and I really appreciate your comments.

I also believe that World Peace will come in my lifetime, so I give my best every second in all what I do.
We are responsible either about we do or don't, so let's do the change from our places all together. Your Music is required as well as Love, Faith, Education.

My best wishes and blessings to you and your family,

Manuel Eduardo

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