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100 Day Challenge: Start Fast Finish Strong

You can take this challenge from anywhere in the world!

We are all staring down the barrel of the same reality—the clock is ticking and no matter how you look at it, there's but 100 days left in the year. You must consider the remaining 100 days of this year as a now or never opportunity to finish the year strong, exceed expectations, and for some, use it as a final chance at redemption.

The… Continue

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Conscious living: Fortunately there are some who do the work for all the others

Academic education teaches us little about how to develop our conscious minds. We don’t learn in schools and colleges how to make decisions of our lives, how to cultivate a burning desire for what we want, how to know if our beliefs are inaccurate and need to be changed, how to concentrate, etc.

I found this interesting description of unconscious beings in the Questions an Answers 1955 Vol. VII of the Mother, Sri Aurobindo Ashram, Pondicherry, India.

“….they come… Continue

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Insects: They may be the next terrorist weapon

A Times Online report expressed fears that the next big weapon could actually be insects unleashed by eco-terrorists which could spread disease and destroy crops with devastating speed. Insects are one of the cheapest and most destructive weapons available to terrorists today. They are also one of the most ignored weapons. They are easy to sneak across borders, reproduce quickly and can spread disease and destroy crops rapidly.

Jeffrey Lockwood, professor of entomology at Wyoming… Continue

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