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Sirian channeled message 11-9-09

SaLuSa 11-September-2009

We look to you our dear friends upon Earth to promote the idea of our existence, and where it is accepted to gently prepare people for our arrival. That time is not too far away, but the more there is an awareness of what is planned for you, the easier it will become to present ourselves to you. Because of the revelations that are yet to come out regarding our craft and earlier contact with you, an atmosphere of acceptance will prevail. With your… Continue

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Ascention of planet Earth - Salusa Sirian message 7-9-09

SaLuSa 7- September- 2009

Dear Ones in the context of how you experience time, it is growing short where your intent is concerned. If you aspire to ascend before the end of the cycle in 2012, it is necessary that you move your consciousness to a level that releases you from the lower vibrations. It should happen quite naturally as you draw more Light to yourself, and your links in life become more refined. In many ways what has served you in the past will no longer satisfy you,… Continue

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