Scientific Ethics -- End of POVERTY ????? (English ) Noah's ARK - International peace Project

International Peace-project for the improvement of the Friendship ,Harmony ,and
Cooperation between all the countries of the world.



Very respected Gentlemen and Ladies of science :
Honorable Nobel Prizes and very respected Professors ,Doctors and Technologists :

It’s with all the total humbleness of my person ,that I allow myself to address to you this “short lines “ which I consider a moral duty to convey them to you. The today world as we see it ,the human kind is at this present moment desperately needed more than ever from a huge healthy ,caring ,loving and intelligent investment of knowledge .

Countless and pretty serious problems has been caused by all of us , the arrogant and selfish human being to the environment ,to the quality of the human relationships ,to the harmony beneath societies etc., , when we have given him a free hand and no moral limits to his voracious greed in order to acquire power ,wealth , or a high social or political status .

In less than two centuries ( 200 years ) the human being has altered in an irreversible and dangerous way the natural balance of our planet . We have altered (not for our proud but for our great concern ) the natural climate of our environment , we have destroyed more than one third (1/3 ) from our natural resources of the fauna and the flora of our planet ,we have contaminated our natural sources of water with our chemical products ,we have abused in a scale never seen before from our natural sea resources arriving to a situation of depletion or almost extinction of a great number of sea species , caused this phenomenon by several reason in which the over fishing is the most important of all of them .

Additional to this situation of merciless exploitation and devastation ( bandits engaged in plunder against our MOTHER EARTH ),the Human being has also abused and exploited the HUMAN being with cruelty, violence and intelligence .As all of us do we know , that’s the current status of more than two third (2/3) of the world’s population . Over one third (1/3) ,more than two billion of human beings are surviving with no more than 1.5 U.S. $/day .The huge needs (normal access to food ,severe shortage and lack of water for drinking and sanitary purpose ,lack of heath services ,employment etc., etc., )of this cluster of men ,of this vast layer of disinherited human beings are endless and unresolved in the short and medium term . As you can see my honorable brothers ,the humanity is needed more tan ever from applied “high Tech knowledge “ ,applied with LOVE and kindness in benefit of herself .
Here is the point in which you Honorable and very respected Science men , definitely play a vital role .

You had been endowed by the Life ( by God ) with a precious GIFT ,a brilliant MIND with strong qualities of quickness ,cleverness ,logic association , etc., etc. This is a very precious gift and it must be honored and respected by all means .

A master painter ,and exceptional sculptor a very popular and renown singer ,a brilliant and genius scientific ,an outstanding sport man etc., etc., if they properly have understood the real philosophy of the life , they will offer to others the harvest of their talent .The real joy of the life is in the giving rather than in receiving .

You Honorable gentlemen ,you our very respected science men ,you do have in your hands the miraculous key for helping to this underprivileged and almost forgotten third world . “ Your Energy “ ; that means the fruit or harvest from your intellect ,your knowledge properly focused and applied in behalf of the wellbeing and prosperity of the Human kind undoubtedly will achieve amazing results . Nowadays ,thanks to the wonders of the modern technology and in a special way to the “ COMUNICATION “ ;the capacities and possibilities for investigations and development of new ideas from the human being are unlimited (new type of seeds for food in Industrial Agriculture ,very cheap energy systems for remote and poor areas , new methods for recycling and purifying drinking water ,etc. etc.) . We only need to focus and direct this Energy toward specific goals of wellbeing for the Human being .

Honorable gentlemen ,respected science men :
With all the honesty of my heart ,I invite you to seriously consider the implication of the former idea ,and set up into a group or association (NGO) in favor of the Human kind. May I suggest “ Scientifics without borders “ or any other name for appointing your very future prestige organization .

It’s worth to point out that this future organization ,must be in warm and steady communication with our top International organization ; the UNITED NATIONS and /or some of his multiple international organizations such as FAO ,UNICEF ,WHO etc. ; not only for avoiding the duplicity of investigation over one same issue ,but to focus and direct some investigation on pretty serious issues like Hunger , lack of water etc.
With your strong Reputation , I’m absolutely sure that you will be very well accepted and received by any government on Earth . These Governments will carefully listen to your advices and suggestions, and besides this , I’m sure that you will have influence in decisions when we’re talking about social budgets.

With all my respect gentlemen , DO YOU LIKE THE IDEA ???????? Just remember that the needs for surviving ,for surviving from our desperate brothers (Third World ) are huge ,urgent and endless .

I personally ,this humble server of the human kind , may I say that trough our small organization Noah’s Ark- International peace project …. , we are working as much as we can in favor of AFRICAN REFUGEES – Applying the philosophy of CULTURE OF PEACE AND NON VIOLENCE in our children and youths ,we have lunched for Africa a very interesting Idea or Project : AFRICA 2025- Africa with no Refugees- with a massive education for all African children on the issue : Peace and non violence , idea that has been very well accepted by numerous African NGOs and some African government organizations . We’re and we will continue working on this issue .

My very best regards from this messenger of peace and love .

Ing. Ghers Zonensain Jihad Hamdi
Director Director
E-mail ; … …

Noah's Ark-International Peace project for the improvement of the friendship,Harmony and Cooperation between all the countries of the world.

All over the entire world. (Spanish)

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