80,000 FREE LEADS A MONTH FOR LIFE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

80,000 FREE LEADS A MONTH FOR LIFE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

i actually saw an ad on line recently.....from a "mentor or guru" who wanted you to join his activity because of that wonderful offer above. WHO COULD RESIST THAT ??????

newbies in cash gifting often fall for manure like this. you are offered all this wonderful FREE STUFF....none of which you know what to do with....and 99% of which has nothing to do with generating cash in cash leveraging. BUT IT SURE LOOKS IMPRESSIVE GETTING FREE STUFF !!!!!!!.

LET'S LOOK AT THE MATH OF THIS GREAT OFFER. there are 24 hours in a day. 8 of which you sleep. that leaves 16 hours to work at something. hopefully cash gifting. BUT IF YOU ARE STILL WORKING A "job" at the start....that knocks off 8 hours. so if you are lucky you have 8 hrs left a day to cash leverage....minus your "family responsibility" time. so assuming you actually work this activity 96 hours a month..........you'd have to contact 1024 leads a day to cover them all !!!!!!!! yea right.

here's a whopper of a tip for you.....that will generate more cash than you can imagine. BUY.....YES BUY.....OPPORTUNITY BUYER LEADS. anything thing else is a waste of your time and money. CALL ME IF YOU WANT TO FIND OUT WHY.....IT'S A WASTE OF MONEY.

m.j. campanella

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