Tuesday, 19 May, 2009 (posted 27 May, 2009)
I am Mary Magdalene and I greet you and welcome you into the presence of divine and sacred love and sacred light. Welcome precious ones.

We have gathered yet again within the presence of the divine codes of sacred light and sacred love. This is the time where we bring together the energies that have been initiated and we create a cavern of energies that will be held within the womb chakra of all of you regardless of whether you are a male or not.

This particular energy is that of the Holy Grail, it is linked to a powerful energy that comes forth from the centre of the Cosmos and that of our Divine Creators – Father/Mother God. These energies are vital to the upliftment of your own creative consciousness. The creative consciousness of every human being must now be raised beyond the old paradigm and the matrices of inhibition and limitation, for as these obstacles are removed so each of you discover the sacred cavern of your infinite wisdom within your heart chakra.

The heart chakra is a world within worlds, it is also a universe within universes and now the time has come for each of you to venture into those worlds in a way you have never done before.

Billions of energies have been released over the past six days and this will continue for the next sixty-six days. Every level of energy that is being released is lightening your load as a human being representing the divine imprint and sacred codes of Mother/Father God. It is vital that each of you understand that each time you release something you are lighter, this means that you are able to then integrate higher quotients of light, this light in turn activates highly evolved frequencies within the parts of your body that have as yet not received activation. This also means parts of your brain that have not previously been stimulated are also activated and today’s energy activation will alter the energy imprints that are emitted through the neuro peptides, this is very important because it helps to alter the transmission components within your brain, this communicates to the central nervous system which will in turn communicate to the higher aspects of your divine self and the lower aspects of the human self. This results in the lower aspects of the human self being raised beyond that old paradigm I referred to earlier on, and you find that these energies merge within a sacred vortex between Heaven and Earth and this is where Spirit meets you and the convergence of these energies open a doorway to fifteen of the Magdalene Columns within you and those that will now be activated.

The reason why these Magdalene Columns are being attuned to your physical body is because they hold the frequency of masculine and feminine, not one masculine and the other feminine, all fifteen embody the perfect balance between yin and yang.

The Four Fire Gates that we activate this evening are creating a superior ring of fire around your Planet, by superior we mean more advanced in its metaphysical essence, therefore the technology it embodies is deeper than the ones you have experienced prior to this, therefore the Fire Gates to come are not only opening higher dimensions but also raising the frequency of your body, your mind, your soul, your heart and your spirit. You are being transported into a whole new stratosphere of experience.

So close your eyes now if you have not already and open your heart to your personal guides and all those beings whom you work with. I want you to visualize a shaft of electric-blue light coming in through your crown chakra, moving down your spine and exiting through your base chakra into Mother Earth.

Breathe in deeply, exhaling fully, relaxing your body and your mind, concentrating on the sound of my voice and allowing your body to relax and receive the energy vibrations that are now being emitted to you.

The double-terminated Citrine Pillar is anchored and held within the centre of this pillar is a magnificent Sapphire Gemstone. This gemstone is held by the Ascended Master El-morya in conjunction with the Archangel Michael; these two energies form a polarity that helps you to tap into the divine inner wisdom of the God and the Goddess. Open your heart and feel their presence merge with yours.

The transmission between Heaven and Earth has begun, this transmission is a mirror reflection of the transmission between your inner God and Goddess and while these energies are being aligned with these higher frequencies so it is that the Elders of the Council of Truth and Wisdom join us. Welcome them and open your energy to receive them.

Welcome Lord Osiris and Goddess Isis.

The energies of Shakti and Shiva.

Align with Yeshua and my energy, Mary Magdalene.

Open your heart to welcome Mother Mary and her counterpart Joseph.

Guinevierre and Lancelot.

Goddess Ishtar, Goddess Venus, Goddess Sumeera, Inana, Artemis, Diana, Goddess Bernadette.

Welcome the energies of Lord Buddha, the Council of Nine from Arcturus, the Galactic Federation of Divinity from Sirius and welcome the collective Elders, the Brothers and Sisters of the Great White Brother and Sisterhood and surrender to this presence, as all their energies are combined to form a magnificent dome of energy around you, this expands and enfolds this geographic location and connects with every Lightworker across your Planet who is currently tuning into what we are doing right now.

Open your heart now to receive the energies of Fire Gate Twenty-six which is held by Isis and Osiris. Breathe the energy into your heart chakra and simultaneously let it move to your crown and to your base.

Now attune your energies to Fire Gate Twenty-seven where I, Mary Magdalene and Yeshua stand. Breathe it into your heart and move it up to your crown and down to your base simultaneously and relax.

Fire Gate Twenty-eight is held by Guinevierre and Lancelot. Breathe this into your heart and move it to crown and base and surrender.

Focus now on Fire Gate Twenty-nine where Mother Mary and Joseph stand. Breathe this energy into your heart and move it to your crown and base and surrender.

I want you now to imagine two magnificent white lions, one male and one female, entering the sacred circle. They come to stand on either side of you representing the purity and the divinity of the God and the Goddess.

As you feel their fur against your skin so a rush of energy begins to course through your body and a magnificent amber spiral opens within your heart chakra emanating an exquisite amber ray. Feel this amber ray move through your body and as it pulsates through your body it connects with the very powerful Sun Chakra located between your base and sacral chakras.

The Fire Gate energies are going to be anchored within your Sun Chakra. I want you now to pull in the eight strands of energy from the four Fire Gates and breathe it into your Sun Chakra and feel its expansive power. Imagine it expanding beyond your physical body and merging with the amber energy of all the beings of the Golden Ray who have come now to welcome you into the centre point of the Golden Universe.

The Golden Universe is a world in which highly advanced beings reside. These beings have been specially trained to teach the ancient teachings of the origin of wisdom and love.

Each of you will be assigned a Golden Being who will work with you for the duration of the next sixty-six days and will awaken a golden portal within your body through which you will travel through time and space and you will receive the energies of the Golden Master. This being is currently in retreat, you know this being as our beloved Kuthumi, when he returns his energy will be very different, so different that his name will also change for it will embody a new vibration which will bring forth this golden energy I speak of.

Each of you will begin to receive your golden name, this will come close to the end of the time of the sixty-six days and it will be given to you by the Golden Master Kuthumi. This name will come to you either in meditation, in a dream or simply when you are relaxing. It is vital that you do not place any intellectual or analytical energy upon this for then you will block the flow. Trust that what you receive is perfect no matter how elaborate or simple the name might be.

So take a deep breath in now and as you exhale Metatron places a Golden Topaz Gem in your crown chakra. This gem opens and births one hundred and forty-four thousand Golden Topaz energy imprints, which are absorbed into the DNA of your body and this, beloved ones, will guide you in the direction of the golden pathway of your infinite wisdom and the infinite love that guides you.

Take another deep breath in and as you exhale your Golden Phoenix flutters inside of your body and rises up your spine out through your crown chakra and as it rises higher and higher the flames of its power; your power, rains down upon you creating an energy field of golden flames.

These flames come from the Golden World and are serving their purpose by reminding you of the teachings that were brought by the Golden Child. The Golden Child is a being of infinite love and infinite wisdom and it is through the Golden Child that the unified God and Goddess is birthed, for it is from this palace of purity that you will receive the light of your divine counter-self, your perfect reflection.

This divine counter-self is an energy, an essence that resides within you and that weaves itself through the entire Universe. It is also the mirror image of God and Goddess.

I want you now to call to the essence of your divine counter-self and to draw this energy in through your crown chakra and breathe it into your Sun Chakra and surrender.

We are creating a sacred gateway, a golden highway, upon which you will walk. This highway will offer you opportunities to meet aspects of your higher self and the aspects of your divine counter-self. This energy holds the frequency of triplicity; this triplicity will merge on three levels inside of you.

I want you now to imagine a golden sphere hovering in front of your third eye chakra and another two golden spheres hovering at the height of your shoulders and I want you now to imagine three golden rods uniting these spheres so that a triangle is before you.

This triangle is your portal, your gateway into the Golden World. I want you now to imagine this triangle expanding in size until it is big enough for you to comfortably pass through but do not pass through it yet, simply stand before it.

Feel the energies coming to you from the other side of this portal. I want you to look into the portal and that is where your Golden Being stands awaiting you. Take a moment to connect heart to heart, Sun Chakra to Sun Chakra, crown to crown, base to base, third eye to third eye, sacral to sacral, throat to throat and solar plexus to solar plexus.

These connections are now liquid golden tubes of energy passing between the two of you. These golden shafts of energy are now feeding you with liquid golden light. This light is pouring through your chakras and opening the inner dimensions of your chakras to release whatever it is that you are aware of consciously and that which lies in the subconscious that has prevented your from fully embracing your divine counter-self, the twin that exists within you, either your God or your Goddess self.

Before you can walk into the Golden Worlds there is a level of energy that must be anchored which is known as the divine sacred marriage of the Golden Ones, these are the golden aspects of yourself which the Golden Child will oversee, therefore look into the eyes of the Golden Being on the other side of the portal, open your heart and feel your energy being pulled towards this being until you are standing face-to-face at the gateway. Hold the palms of your hands up to one another and as you touch a magnificent explosion of golden energy manifests all around you.

Your Phoenix now begins to descend again and comes into your crown chakra and another explosion of fire takes place inside of you and these flames are the flames of eternal life, the flames of passion and new found creativity that will help to drive you forward in your life.

This Golden Being is a reflection of your twin self, the divine counter-self. I want you now to press your brow against the brow of this Golden Being, your nose will touch and allow your lips to touch very gently. Some of you may feel little shock waves moving through your body for your frequency is now being adjusted so that you can withstand these new frequencies, these new energies and divine pulsations that come forth from this world of Golden Beings, a world in which you will find your divine Golden Child.

Breathe in deeply and exhale fully.

Now allow your body to press up against that of the Golden Being and as all your chakras touch so another explosion of light manifests and you are drawn through this gateway into the Golden World and into the sacred Golden Temple.

Here it is that Melchizedek and Metatron await you accompanied by Lady Kwan Yin and Lady Portia. They are the ones who bear witness to this sacred union, the sacred marriage that will open your heart to welcome and receive.

Breathe in deeply and allow yourself to surrender and just become aware of how at peace you feel and how calm and harmonious the energies in the Golden Temple are.

The being whom you know as Lord Maitreya now enters. He is the one who conducts the sacred marriage. Feel his presence and surrender to it.

He tells you that you have embarked upon a journey of no return, this means the point you have reached in your own spiritual evolution does not permit you to turn back. You have learnt too much to fall again. You know too much to allow the lower ego to drag you down. You have completed many of the very important initiations required by a human being - those are done, it is complete. You have released the pain and suffering of your past and now we ask each of you to completely surrender to this twin self, this divine counter-self and merge with it.

Metatron and Kwan Yin come to stand behind you and Melchizedek and Portia stand behind the Golden Being you are merging with.

Their bodies emit pulsations of energy that open a portal for you which you will utilize to release your past imprints relating to your pattern of relationships - how you relate to yourself and how you relate to partners in intimate relationship.

Breathe in deeply, exhaling and just allow every paradigm from the past to drop and to move through this portal.

As the four beings keep the energy flowing there is nothing for you to do other than to let go. The patterns of the past are that, the past. You are receiving a whole new imprint, one that is brought to you by Father/Mother God. You are now receiving the gold-print of sacred relating and sacred relationships for you have earned it.

While you are releasing there are hundreds of thousand of souls coming forward who have experienced loss and pain in relationship, unrequited love, lovers who have been estranged from each other. Every level of separation, every level of pain and suffering in relationships now passing through and all the archetypes of the counterpart relationships are also passing through.

Breathe in and release.

There is a new kind of relationship that will birth, this relationship will not be for all, only for some who have the ability and the imprint to hold the vibration of the trinity. This means there will be individuals who choose to live with not just one partner but with two, this may be a man and two women, a woman and two men, three men or three women. This is not to be frowned upon with judgment for these relationships are for the purpose of anchoring the Holy Trinity. It is through these frequencies that the trinity of mother, father and child can emerge, maiden, mother and crone (the wise old woman). This is where the young page, the knight and the king unite.

When you see the energy in its ruler of triplicity you will understand the many layers of life and these threesomes that will be able to burn through the dense worlds of the Third Dimensional World. This is vital.

Open your heart, open your mind and allow this to be.

The Holy Trinity is a vital of part of manifesting the unified Triple God and Triple Goddess on Earth as it is within the other worlds of co-creation. Three is the number of the creative child, the joyous expression of the inner child and it leads you along a freeway to liberation.

The Holy Trinity is emerging from your heart and Lord Maitreya now places the seal of the Triple God and Goddess upon your crown chakra. As you receive this it is also received by the Golden Being you have merged with and the sacred marriage is activated.

Lord Maitreya utters the sacred words of the Cosmos which your body opens to receive and responds to with grace and ease. Breathe it in and relax.

Lord Maitreya now begins to walk around you and the Golden Being and he continues to utter the sacred chants and a new energy field is created around you merging with the flames, merging with the Sapphire Ray and the Golden Rays.

He places his left hand on the back of your heart chakra and right hand on the back of the Golden Being and he seals this energy in your heart.

Breathe in deeply, exhaling.

The Cosmic Mother now comes forward bearing the Rings of Eternity. She places these rings which are made up of three bands – one gold, one silver and one platinum. These three rings are united as one and she slips this onto your left hand, onto your ring finger and it automatically manifests on the ring finger of the Golden Being who is one with you. This Eternity Ring is the Trinity Ring of Eternal Sacred Love, the sacred union of God, Goddess and inner child.

The energies that have been combined will release you from the past paradigms and the old ways of relating and formulating your relationships, whether you are in a relationship now or not does not matter, the imprint will change forever, it has been raised to a much higher frequency.

I want you now to turn and face Lord Maitreya and you will notice that you are beaming golden energy from every pore of your body and you and the Golden Being are complete, united and one.

Lord Maitreya hands you a golden nugget, as you take this into your hand it opens and the essence of your Golden Child emerges, breathe it in and bring it into your heart and take the golden nugget and place it in your Sun Chakra. Accept this gift with grace and give thanks.

The fifteen Magdalene Columns are now fully activated and they hold the frequency of this golden dynamic, they are the rulers of the triplicity of father, mother, child, the Triple Goddess and the Triple God in all its forms.

These energies will play themselves out in your life in a variety of ways, they come as gifts and opportunities to teach you about the power of love and the power of relating as well as the importance of relationships. Fear isolates you from love, when you surrender and open your heart and risk rising in love you will be richly rewarded. Love is a journey of ascension, loving relationships are there to support one another in rising above the old world, they are not there to pull you down.

So may the light of the true love and essence of Father/Mother God be bestowed upon each of you, may it be contained within your heart for all eternity. As the Councils witness this there is a new being who comes into the presence who will be working with your group, her name is Infinity, she is accompanied by her sister Essenttia. These two Goddesses will ensure that the frequencies are held in perfect harmony between you and every aspect of relating within your life.

Infinity and Essenttia are birthed within the Golden World and are Golden Goddesses. They communicate through the many kingdoms of life and are not limited to speaking directly through your mind (telepathically), they will speak to you through your heart and the nature kingdom, through the animal kingdom, through symbology and through the children. It is up to you to pay attention and to observe.

Infinity and Essenttia embody sacred tones of energy which when tapped into attune your energy field to the inner core world of the Golden Temple. This is the world from which Kuthumi was birthed, it is the world in which the original group of teachers came forth and have created a place in which each of you can learn and grow.

And it is a wondrous time to celebrate this joyous manifestation as all the energies of the Fire Gates and the Magdalene Columns are harnessed in one powerful surge of light and anchored in the centre of your heart right here and right now. Breathe it in and surrender to it.

This energy will continue to pulsate through your body and will transmit to the DNA of your body for the next seventy-two hours during which time many levels of recalibration and attunement will take place. I will not waste your time trying to describe this for it is impossible, there are no human words to describe this, therefore I suggest you feel it, simply tune into it and allow the sacred voice of your inner deepest self to communicate to you what is happening. This voice is the sacred whisper of Father/Mother God that flows through your body in energy and feelings, not necessarily words, it may come in colours, images and other geometric shapes and forms. Just let it be what it is and let yourself be what you are.

As the sacred marriage is now completed all the beings present emanate a sound in acknowledgment of that which has taken place and they too rejoice for what has occurred today is opening dimensions to the Golden World that have never ever been accessible by human beings ever before, but because you have taken the journey to walk through the Fire Gates, to heed the lessons of the Magdalene Columns you are being granted access. Use the energy with wisdom and love, treat yourself with wisdom, love and respect and do the same unto all others.

Welcome home Wise Ones, welcome into the temple of original truth and light, which embodies millions of other temples, each one containing a strand of the original truth. Those strands will communicate with the individuals who resonate with it but at the end of it all it returns to one point. May your journey always be blessed.

Begin drawing your consciousness back into your physical body, breathe into your physical presence anchoring and routing yourself back on Earth ensuring you are properly grounded. The presence of all of the beings remain with you as does the white lion and white lioness, they are the guardians of the Golden Temple and will be by your side.

Take one more very deep breath in, hold it to the count of six and exhale when you are ready.

Draw your shoulders back, straighten your spine and open your heart so that energies may flow freely through your physical body.

Precious ones this has been an incredible time of remembrance for most of you. The combined forces of the energies that have been activated for this particular series have brought about waves of energy that will alter humanity’s consciousness forever. This alteration process will take Earth time. Those of you who know how to tap into no time you will receive the changes at a more accelerated rate, your lesson now or should I rather say your task now is to manage your life in time and in no time.

The journey through the higher worlds is fully active. Now it is that the thousands will come in their droves to receive the sacred seal of light, to weave the light as a gargantuan tapestry of the breath of Father/Mother God. Each of you are the third element making up the Holy Trinity, the rulers of triplicity are what will show you the way into the inner worlds of your creativity.

Be at peace with what will come, trust that it has a purpose beyond your human knowledge and do not analyze it in any way or any form.

I am Mary Magdalene, au revoir.

This information may be shared with other sources on strict conditions that no information is altered or deleted or used for monetary gain, and the source of the information be acknowledged. To find out more about Michelle & The Lightweaver please visit www.thelightweaver.org
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Comment by Vicky♥♥♥ on August 10, 2009 at 2:00pm

my dearest Ediel, I remember

Comment by Eduardo El Terrero on August 10, 2009 at 5:46am

Thank you my dear vicky, you used to be my greatest freind sometime ago but went to other places looking for knowledge but remember Jesus said that the kingdom of heaven is at the reach of your hands everything is inside you where i took you. Remember.

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