This poem was written at a Oneness Blessing Seminar in Sydney:

A Poem for Peace

The heat of the sun
beats down
upon the Earth –
this golden light of heaven
brings warmth
to all that lives –
plants stretch out
their arms
to receive the light,
transforming it
into themselves –
lizards bathe
in the sunlight
on a rocky outcrop –
just as we
reach out
and receive
the light of the sun
in our hearts –
as we transform this heaven light
into earthly
delights of empathy
and compassion –
reaching out our arms
in love
to those in pain.

So we in turn
can warm the universe -
through loving hearts
and healing hands.
So peace may come
into the world.

May peace
prevail on Earth!

May peace
prevail in our hearts –

may peace
prevail in our minds –

may peace

Om Shanti Shanti Shanti!

by Dr Arjuna Ben-Zion Weiss

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