I have been aware for quite some time of the importance of keeping your vibration high. Having a high energetic vibration helps to keep you healthier and happier, plus it connects you to source energy. I was and still am learning ways to raise my vibration, but I still didn't completely understand and trust the process.

One night I watched a short video and read some articles regarding possible future happenings that scared me. I had heard of some of the negative information and warnings before, but on this occasion, I again allowed myself to get caught up in the negativity and fear of it. Because I gave into the fear, I began vibrating at a lower level.

If you know about the "Law of Attraction," you know that you attract what you focus on. If you are a negative person, you are vibrating at a lower level and you will attract low vibrating, negative situations and people to you. Fear, sadness, anger, and resentment are some of the lower frequency examples. If you focus on positivity, love, and gratitude, you will begin to vibrate at a higher level and attract similar situations and people.

That night I went to bed worrying about the future and horrible situations that may or may not occur. I had a very surprising dream. I was in my living room with a few other people that I didn't know, and Jesus was there with us. Suddenly, one of my worst fears (related to the information that I had been concerned about) happened. Martial law officers forced their way into the house and they were trying to drag me away. I called out to Jesus for help. He took my outstretched hand, but he didn't help me. He didn't magically save me like I was expecting him to. I let go of his hand and felt tremendous doom because if he couldn't help me, then nobody could. I was terrified, but I stopped struggling as I realized it was a losing battle.

Just then, the thought of raising my vibration crossed my mind. I had nothing to lose, so I decided to stop being afraid and I put all of my energy into raising my vibration, mentally surrounding myself in white light and trusting in the process. Almost immediately, the men let go of me and they turned and walked out through the wall of my living room.

I turned to look at Jesus and he smiled at me. I understood the important lesson he had just taught me. If he had saved me when I asked for his help, I would have learned absolutely nothing. I needed to learn that I could save myself in a scary situation, that I am powerful, that I can create and control the situations that I place myself in, and that I attract situations that match my vibration. I needed to experience it and see it for myself to understand it and be able to trust it. I am thankful to have had that opportunity in a dream rather than in a real-life situation, although Jesus is more than welcome to visit with me at any time!

Well, as it turned out, I understood this lesson, but not completely. The fear started to creep back in that it could happen again to me or others. I thought we should seek out those who vibrate at a higher level to help resolve the issue. Specifically, I thought of certain lightworkers that I had connected with on a couple of internet networks. Jesus didn't encourage or discourage me. I tried to find them and find a way to get in touch with them, but in this instance, I couldn't find them anywhere. It was as if they didn't exist, although I knew they did. I didn't understand what was happening and I asked Jesus for advice.

Jesus told me that I couldn't find them because they were operating at a higher vibration than I was; therefore, they were inaccessible to me.

Ah, I finally understood the points he was trying to make!
• I am powerful.
• I can create and control the situations that I encounter.
• I attract situations that match my vibration.
• I have to do my own work to raise my vibration; others have to learn their lessons themselves and do their own work.
• If I can raise my vibration and keep it high, I will not be "seen" by those that operate at a lower vibration and I will not be adversely affected by their actions.

Jesus and I then proceeded to sit together on the sofa and we talked for a very long time. Unfortunately, what we discussed from then on is a complete blank to me. But at least I was able to remember the important lessons that Jesus was willing to teach me. My perception has definitely changed and allowed me to continue learning.

Was this just an imaginative dream or a dream visitation? Does it really matter?

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Comment by Susie Marie on March 31, 2011 at 3:00am

Hi Lisa,

I am the woman from Hawaii with the pyramid energy generator like you have....When you get a chance email me at susiemarie_@hotmail.com.   Some scammer left me a message on my ipeace page that I haven't been to in years actually.  Same as you I see.  I hadn't had time to putter about on the computer so much.  But i have wanted to re-connect with you.  Just read your visit with Jesus blog.  Let's keep vibrating higher.  I used to say,"When THE CHANGE comes, we probably will hardly notice.  Yet one day we'll wake up and our houses will look different, we won;t be able to find the car and 7-11 will no longer be available right down the street."  Ha ha , they won't be able to find us,,,we won't be able to find them...."  Up up and away...    susie

Comment by Anthony (Tony) Janflone on December 24, 2009 at 10:32pm
Thanks for sharing your story and your Christmas greetings.
Faith is a gift of God and is always available---the weaker I am the more I feel the help I receive from Jesus---not just physical but mostly spiritual.
Be strong in Christ. Maybe He did visit you.
A friend always.
Comment by s <3 on December 24, 2009 at 9:52pm
I love reading your story Lisa..... thank you for sharing it :) xox

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