Well, unfortunately, I find myself needing to take a break. It has nothing to do with iPeace whatsoever, has more to do with a mental fuse I have blown this week, probably a result of a few years worth of stresses.

I just don't have any energy left to write too much, and as you may have noticed, I can't write just 2 sentences, I gotta fill a page or none at all... in any case, I can't do much right now beside work on re-wiring my head.

Regardless of what happens, I hope the dialog continues. It's great work that's being done here. I'm sad about having to stop exactly at a time when the conversation is needed the most. I hope other people pick up the moderate, honest, two/multiple-sided portrayals.

I hope this war ends soon. I personally reflected today that though it was neccesary in it's beginning, it is starting to get out of hand. This is the point that it needs to stop, the point where it gets to be all mess and no gain. Even a neccesary war has a small window of opportunity for relevance, and when it passes that point, it becomes well, pointless.

Good luck, all of you, thanks for listening, and thanks for the friendships. If we keep it up, we may even actually have peace one day.


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