It was not a different evening in any respect in the far off district of Pakistan,the three cousins rubi,shehla and rizwana were preparing food for the family.At 9.00 PM they decided to sea shehla boy friend,when they came out of their home they were spotted by one of the male family members and that was the end of their story,they were braught back to home along with the boy and the family members decided to kill all four at the spot because they have violated the law of the society where to meet a boy is a crime unforgiveable.Shehla and the boy were killed as they were in love but what was the crime of the other two girls?may be they were in sympathy with the lovers and you canot sympathise with lovers in this socity,wat our readers would say?do you feel any sympathy for them if you do so your equally culprit and you the punishment for this crime.

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