Kailaasaa chala kandaraa laya karee
Gowree uman shaankaree
Kowmaaree nigamaartha gochara karee
Omkara beejaaksharee
Moksh dwaara kavaata paatana karee
Kashee puraa dheeswaree
Bhiksham dehi krupaavalambana karee
Mataa Annpootneswaree 4

I worship mother Annapoorna, to give me, the alms of her mercy, she resides in Kailas, she has power of destruction, she is Uma, she is Shankari, she enables us to perceive Vedas, she is in the seed letter 'Om' she is the guarding deity at the gates of final liberation, she is the ruling deity of Kasi.

Drushyaa drushya vihoothi karee
Bramhaanda bhaandodaree
Leela naataka soothra khelana karee
Vignaana deepankuree
Shri vishesha manah prasaadana karee
Kaasheepuraa dheeswaree
Bhiksham dehi krupaavalambana karee
Mataa Annapoorneswaree 5

I worship mother Annapoorna, to give me the alms of her mercy, she is visible and transcends the Visible, she rides the chariot studded with precious gems, she has in her abdomen the whole world all the gross and subtle elements, she is the controller of illusory world, the origin of the lamp of intellect, she is the bestower of Lord Shiva's grace, she is the ruling deity of Kasi.

Aadi kshaantha samastha varnana karee
Shambhu priyaashaankaree
Kashmeera tripureshwaree tri nayanee
Vishweshwaree sharvaree
Svarga dwara kavaata paatana karee
Kashi puraa dheeswaree
Bhikshamdehi krupaavalambana karee
Mataa Annapoorneswaree 6

I worship mother Annapoorna, to give me the alms of mercy,she narrates the entire creation from the beginning to end, she is the consort of Shambu, she is the cause and substance, she is the presiding deity of Kashmir, she is Tripura, she is the three eyed one, she is Vishweshwaree, she is the consort of "Sharva"(Shiva), she enables us to enter into the doors of swarga (heaven), she is the ruling deity of Kasi

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Comment by Mani kutty on February 12, 2009 at 3:50pm
Hats off to you.You are more a hindu than many in my own country.
Mani kutty
Comment by Clicia Pavan on February 12, 2009 at 3:22pm

Namaste ,You are Wise I am just a poet ...
I know the stories, but I do not have the wisdom
Comment by Clicia Pavan on February 12, 2009 at 3:14pm

Annapoorna - Annapoorna is the mother of all materials and food, Once when lord Shiva told Parvati that, ''The world is an illusion-Nature is an illusion.Matter is a mirage, here one moment-gone the next. Even food is just maya''

By hearing this Parvati lost her temper and said ''If im just an illusion, lets see how you and the rest of the world get along without me!'' saying this she dissapeared from the world.

The dissaperance caused havoc in the cosmos. Time stood still, seasons did not change, the earth became barren and there was a terrible draught. There was no food to be found anywhere in the three worlds. Gods, demons and humans suffered the pangs of hunger. They wept like children who seek their mothers.Sages cried, ''Salvation makes no sense to an empty stomach!" After a long period of time news reached Shiva that parvati had reappeared at Kashi and had set up a Kitchen there for the benefit of the world. He ran there as fast as he could, along with every other hungry creature in the world. As he presented his bowl to her and said, ''Now I realise that the material world, like spirit , cannot be dissmissed as an illusion.''

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