I am writing this to the people who does not know ,and who knows how Palestinian are been treated !!!!!!!!!! To enter Israel part you have to have a clean records then you wait long enough (3-6 hours ) to get, once you get it you go through what they called boarder that by it self very painful,disrespectable,dis organized ,and real bad treatment ,in the name of security !!!! which people got use to it ...i did too
My story started yesterday when i had to do that ,to go and get some parts for my business ,of course for security ,i had to take off my shirt so i did !!!!!!! we cant drive there ,so we rent a taxi . The taxi driver had to leave and come back ,because i had so many places that i need it to go too ,and when i finished ,i had had to wait for the same taxi , i had 30 minutes to kill and i was close by a beach called BANNA BEACH (TEL AVIV)...so the minute i got there i took of my shoes so i can feel the water ..........minding my own business ...the Police came and ask me where i am from so i showed them the I.D...and the permit that it allow me to Israel Part from 5 AM till 12 mid night (i was there a round 5) so they simply said that ARAB ARE NOT ALLOWED ,THIS PERMIT DOES NOT ALLOW YOU TO HAVE FUN,AND THIS PERMIT ONLY FOR BUSINESS ...............either you leave or i will make you go to jail ....so i made my smart choice by leaving !!!!!!! My Q.................If Arab are not allowed to go there ,then why bother give us a permit to enter in the first place ,and if the permit does not allow you to have fun then they need to write on it down on the permit ,and if the arabs are not allowed in that beach they need to put a sign big enough for us to see,because i dont want to fight ,........................but i want to know whats my RIGHTS......Thats what i would like to know .Because we are all tiered of fighting !!!! thats a promise

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Comment by Samier on October 24, 2009 at 1:20pm
Gaia....as long as i remember i never hated no one in my life and i never will ,i even lost a brother because of all of this miss that we are living in !!! But Gaia ....if we all going to keep on living on the past we will never have a future !! we all have to open a new page a new way of dealing with each other with respect and honor !!! other wise nothing will ever change ,,,,,and what happened to me it made feel that it never will (even thou never say never ) ,and the 4.3% that you mentioned ,,,you are right i saw few of them that it did happen to them at the same beach !!! all i am saying Gaia ...we have to change our self so we can change others other wise everything will stay the same !!!! May God helps all
Comment by Gaia on October 24, 2009 at 12:54pm
Hi there Samier!...the title thread of your blog IS certainly misleading readers to believe that actually there are no Arabs living in Israel, and that is NOT true.

Out of the total Israeli population, 75.5% were Jews, 20.2% were Arabs, and 4.3% were defined as "others" (Druze, Christians, etc..

You want rights!...which kind of rights are you seeking for in Israel? .....we all know you want your our State....that makes you independent from us in every aspect....so your rights might be,according to my humble opinion, to have your own place, and I hope it will happen very soon.

But rights...in Israel...how come?....

What you are describing is certainly awful, but believe me, is not personal, not meant to annoy you in particular.

It comes from painful experiences from the past, and security needs to check out....is a sad situation for all of us.

Believe me, I wish you will soon have your own State, and we will be good neighbors.

Peace for you...
Comment by s <3 on July 22, 2009 at 12:24pm
Thank you for writing this to let people know what is really going on for the people who live where you do.

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