On this day of the BLue Crystal Eagle
I dedicate in order to universalize Cooperation
I create the New Vision with my Mind.
I Am guided by the Accomplishment of Healing

It is a great Joy to feel so close without distance
and to share our Healing Tools.
If you have a chance to see the movie
I have myself had an amazing encounter
with a Whale in 1999.
We merged consciously together as One.
She said to me
It's Time now"
WHat do you mean?
I asked Her.
Well You have asked to merge into the Ocean?

It is true that at the New Moon,
I had planted the seed of Ascension with the Dolphins and Whales.
"Yes! but what do You really mean?" I asked her

She answered back.

I had to focus a moment
I swam spiraling counter clockwize and said:

I had swim with her for quite a while so
i Am sharing the short version.

After our conversation,
a pod of nearly 100 Dolphins came around Us.
Swimming In the middle of my Galactic Family
I was engulfed with the most amazing feeling of Oneness.
I had become a Whale.

A few years later, in 2002
I was living in a very simple dwelling on the lava hill,
close to Pele Goddess of Fire on the Big Island of Hawaii.
ONE night,
I was feeling that Humanity was not going to through the GAP
:the Galactic Activation Portal.
I was really depress that night and ready to leave this realm.
I said:" Spirit. if its not gonna happen,
I am ready to be out of here."

Then a huge wave of Love Energy
came up the Hill from the Ocean.

It was an amazing Whale Energy so much Love
and then I received my new Spiritual Name
which means Gentle Water.
I knew that from my 52th bitrhday
I was embodying EauDouce and
embodying the frequency of the Whale.
I Am also a Whale Dreamer.

I invite you to see the trailers of Whales Dreamer

The Galactic GrandMothers Council
is meeting for the Full Moon this evening,
We will send our prayers to Sara and Family
and to All of you beautiful Sisters around the World.
Love O'Douce

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Comment by Lana on April 9, 2009 at 11:19am
Thank you, O'Douce, for this wondrous blog.
It is very timely: I feel that the key to the Jupiter-Neptune-Chiron conjunction in May is Whale energy and consciousness.
I will keep this blog in my heart.
Love, Peace and Light,

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