Excerpt from address at UN event:

The desire for peace transcends every barrier. Even those who have been incarcerated desire peace. Those who have little to eat also desire peace. And those sitting in giant mansions desire peace. Peace doesn’t see age. Need and necessities don’t see age or qualifications or social structure. A need is a need is a need.

The good news is: All peace requires is a little effort, and no money has to be spent. Why? Because peace dwells in the heart of every single living human being. It does not have to be imported. People do not have to be lectured into it. It is sufficient to be given the opportunity to seek the peace inside, to look within, and to see that resource that is possible.

We have a fantastic, incredible, amazing opportunity to begin with the fundamental steps of recognizing the need for peace for every person. And then, I think for the first time, we can begin to see a difference.

What will the outcome be? Will there be no wars? I don’t know. But I’m talking about the peace that can be even experienced in the middle of war. What would the world be like if every human being had peace? I don’t know what the world would be like, but I know that human being would look beautiful because human beings wear peace so well. They’re so attractive when they have peace dancing in their eyes. And that is possible.

Prem Rawat

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