actually - after two posts i've posted here i'm starting to think it wasn't a smart move - nobody seems to react to them, and after all - when one publishes something, he wishes that someone would "consume" it. anyhow - i might search another platform for my blog, or return to mepeace (only there i hadn't many readers as well...)

anyhow - i thought what more i should write about the war. the war that, as any other, i object to. you see - i'm not sure if i'm a pure pacifist, but as far as i can see - wars tend to make things worse. this one, for instance, caused already many hundreds of deaths, thousands of injured, & mass destruction. in addition it helps to pop up the volume of fear & hate in the region, & globally - causing israel to look very bad, & provoking a lot of very unnecessary tension in the world. i'm still afraid that it might evolve to a greater war, & anyhow - i suspect much damage is done for the futuristic peace & love chances.

anyhow - i have no idea when this war will be over. they tend to end usually... in contrast to its 1st days, now i have the feeling that we're heading its end. i hope this feeling is correct.... anyway - it is easing my general feeling - for almost two weeks now i've been half paralyzed - i felt sick - physically, & terrified. this fear is also personal - as i said previously - i have friends & relatives that may be involved in it directly (not of choice - they either live in the danger zone, or they are soldiers - it is obligatory service in israel...). in addition - the expansion of the violence that might occur, now - or in the future - as a consequence of this operation - can hurt me or my surrounding. anyhow - the bad feeling is also because of what is actually going on - even if it's not my closest circle.

is this war righteous? well - it may be, according to common international standards. in relation to this i have to say that i don't like at all the demonization that israel is suffering of (not that it maters in comparison with the consequences of its actions - but still - i think it is very important to be fair, & besides - the facts are severe enough as is), especially when it comes from those who are not in the moral position to critic it. but anyhow - even if the critic on israel is completely out of proportion - still - i would expect from my country - a country that insists on moral superiority - to make any effort to avoid violence, & even when making war - to take any action to minimize the # of lost of lives - especially, of cause, of the ones that are not involved in the fight. now - if israel is "ok" with the palestinians or not according to international standard can be discussed (& i tend to believe that comparatively israel is not that bad...), but still - i think there is plenty of room to be much more "human", & i'm very disappointed & angry of my government that they're not making much more effort.

combine these two topics & you'd come to the conclusion that i'm against my country's way. this goes hand in hand with the critic & anger i have towards other sides of this conflict, but as a representative of israel, i see it as my responsibility, & therefor i hope somehow i could make a change.

anyhow - let's hope that things would turn & become better soon. for sure - they can deteriorate. i, anyhow - still vote for peace, justice, love, tolerance, & humanity. my big hope is that, although of these dark days, the light is just around the corner. i'm hoping that someone is reading me & have some hope for better because of it - i'm trying to make a contribution here.we would have a lot of work towards our good goals.

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Comment by adi silberberg on January 13, 2009 at 7:53am
chenea - thanks again for your words - thanks for sharing
Comment by Chenae on January 13, 2009 at 4:51am
Those of us in the US know well these feelings of collective guilt.Even when we have acted all our lives to try to change what our Government is doing in our name. But yes, 9-11 did happen and more attacks on our people have been planned. I think however the best defense is to try and understand why we are so hated and change that., not to declare "Global War Against Terror"This s a long discussion and perhaps you are right it maybe a whole seperate post/forum
Comment by adi silberberg on January 12, 2009 at 9:01pm
yifat & myron - thank you for your words.
myron - i take a choice, but still continue to think things over. anyhow - your question is very relevant for me - 1st of all - i have a brother, my wife have a brother, & we both have few more relatives & friends, that can be called to duty at any moment - my stand against war is also because of fear to their faith. in addition - our children are growing & just in a few years time from now they'll have to serve as well - for us it's a reason to consider leaving israel - our homeland! the fear is not only of something physical that might happen to them, but also for their souls, & that is because of the terrible job a soldier has here.
further more - it is difficult to be a representative of israel today - collectively i find myself guilty.... but i think that's maybe worth a separate post.
Comment by myron joshua on January 12, 2009 at 7:52pm
Adi, your feelings come through clearly.
You take a brave see the hypocrisy of many in the world vis a vis Israel but do not use it as an excuse.
You know you could rationalize to justify..and you choose not too.
You represent the inner conflict of many israelis and have made a clear choice..something that i have not been able to do.
And if, if you would be called to serve (or if your son was in duty) where would you stand? (No need to just highlights the predicament)
Comment by adi silberberg on January 12, 2009 at 2:38pm
yes - it's amazing so many lives & no stepping back...:(
Comment by Kim Scott on January 12, 2009 at 2:10pm
Great! Thankyou for sharing.. War is crazy!! You think one human being dying would be enough to make someone step back and think "this aint right" I'm with you, I vote for peace!
Comment by adi silberberg on January 12, 2009 at 12:57pm
thanks ruach. i hope they contribute to peace. something has to be done to contribute peace
Comment by adi silberberg on January 12, 2009 at 8:06am
dear chenea/
thank you for your comment - indeed - at that point it is important to me to know that somebody is reading.
about the discussions that are going on - i'm aware of the points you arose. anyhow - when i want to speak out my own voice it still feels more rational to do it in my blog. at least for me. in addition - the amount of discussion that is going on on the forums is simply beyond my ability at the moment to follow, & certainly respond, appropriately.
anyhow - nice to meet you. again - thanks for your voice
Comment by Chenae on January 11, 2009 at 9:16pm
Dear Adi,
I did just read your post and wanted you to know that I had. There is much that you say here that is being discussed in many of the groups and forums. I would suggest you enter those to get a more active communication/response. I am actualy trying at this time to write less and listen more deeply. There are many very wise people here. But yes, to speak out against injustice is ALWAYS better than silence. Thank you for your voice fo r Peace

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