Buy cheap fifa 15 coins to enjoy the new emotional intelligence system

FIFA 15" will provide the function of "emotional intelligence", players will be based on action has the memory and expression. There will be more than 600 kinds of new expressions and new action, players can be in a bad tackles, missed shots or prevent attacks after a critical moment can produce is a personal expression and action. In addition to the game of dynamic events also provide very energetic.

Also in the real details of the FIFA 15 games will be further reflected, rainy days shovel ball will leave traces and hits the corner flag will shake, crossbar with the whole goal will vibrate, more devoted for players to enjoy the real experience of the game.

The FIFA 15 also joined the new system modules and the role of physical equipment, EA said these will give players a more efficient and strong feelings. In addition, the game will also provide visible breath, as well as hair fluttering. Shirt in the game will become more dirty because of dirt and grass, and sliding, etc will leave a mark on the grass.Come to fifa to buy cheap fifa 15 coins to enjoy the new emotional intelligence system !

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