Chanel iPhone 6 Cases China machine king

In high-end smartphones, is famous for its "China machine king" of platinum is very strict to the requirement of camera, with two cameras as the industry has set a new benchmark, "China machine king" in the photo's strength, absolutely no less than a SLR camera.
Cool platinum, using the pre - 5 million pixels and rear double 13000000 megapixel camera, and is equipped with two LED light. Two 13000000 megapixel camera taking pictures at the same time, not only can effectively enhance on images brightness, at the same time also can achieve maximum 40% of noise reduction, and after the use of "super pixels" camera,Burberry iPhone 6 Cases is able to shoot the photos of the 100 million pixels, even in low light environment, can also be two cameras with different aperture parameters of image contrast, effectively improve the shooting effect of weak light environment, adjusting to the most close to the real scene value, effectively restrain noise, real shooting pictures clearly.
"China machine king" dual cameras leading mobile phone high-end market
Bring about
"China machine king" in addition to the hardware has a solid strength, on the software optimization, platinum will also be taking pictures function to the limit. On camera UI, cool platinum built-in point interface is very simple, a lot of entertainment options are the collection to the lower right corner of the frame option. At the same time, platinum, also support the focus from metering for like to use the pictures of the mobile phone users, provide more professional parameter selection. And, Dior iPhone 6 Cases in the photo on the platinum focus function after photo first, let users under the complicated environmental factors of interference, can still leave a perfect moment. It is worth mentioning that cool platinum focus speed basically can do it without delay, compared to other domestic handset focusing delay phenomenon, platinum focusing process is very clean.
Cool platinum, the outstanding performance of the optimization in the camera hardware and software aspects, let consumers to see "China machine king" to perfect image world of unlimited sincerity. In the industry point of view, dual cameras combination strength of cool platinum carry 13 million pixels, the imaging achieved incredible 100 million pixels, compared to those who still cried with two cameras as a representative of the next generation of flagship handset makers, cool platinum already ahead of the industry, and become the model of the manufacturers "imitation", Coach iPhone 6 Cases set up a new benchmark for industry.
"China machine king" dual cameras leading mobile phone high-end market
Bring about
In addition to photograph technology, pride of the cool platinum more on mobile security, through the "double system, hard isolation" technical advantage, for the user to establish a safety barrier; High-end design of the atmosphere, enough to reveal the business elite distinguished luxury, temperament connotation. With cool platinum in all aspects of excellence, "the Chinese machine king" the title.
Today, smartphone contrast has depth to every detail of the depth of the digging, like a cool platinum in photography function extreme deduce, Chanel iPhone 6 Cases adopting the combination of the two cameras, cooperate with the LED lighting partner, provide users with the most perfect imaging effect. The ultimate pursuit of image world, also let cool platinum, became one of the industry's professional "photographer".
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