In other words, these theaters for 3 d glasses must be disinfected. So, if we know that must be disinfected, also ought to disinfect thoroughly,Foakleys how can the disinfection is not up to standard?
If not the municipal public health supervision bureau the survey found that the problem as early as possible, and promptly disclose the truth, we don't know to be the 3 d glasses "poison" how long "poison". City health supervision bureau the move is to let each theater disinfection standard, also for the audience to theaters services "sterilization", thanks.
Is worth we appreciate, Fake Oakleys they found the problems existing in the cinema as soon as possible, and urged theaters must be in accordance with the relevant requirements of 3 d glasses carefully disinfected, the municipal public health supervision bureau really did a good thing for the populace, the practical work.
Theaters on April 30 must complete configuration stereo glasses disinfection equipment and venues. Knockoff Oakley Sunglasses The municipal public health supervision bureau formulated the "disinfection iron rule," not only to cinemas, also gives a specific timetable.
Now, from theaters to perform "disinfection iron rules" the countdown has nine days time, if anyone want to watch 3 d movie already, also want to have health care, Cheap Fake Oakleys is himself with a disinfectant wipes in the 3 d glasses.
Predictably, as long as all the movie theaters and earnestly implement the municipal public health supervision "disinfection iron rules", practical configuration is complete disinfection equipment and place in accordance with the requirements, we can with 3 d glasses to say BYE BYE.

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