Jilin province industrial and commercial bureau sampling glasses wholesale market in the percent of pass is 12.37%
Release date: 2014-12-27 source: city evening news author: newsroom
You wear sunglasses light transmission than qualified?Yesterday, the reporter learns from the jilin province industrial and commercial bureau,Knockoff Ray Bans province administration of industry and commerce has commissioned changchun city industrial and commercial bureau in the city's shopping malls and key part of glasses store, and glasses wholesale market management place, the glasses frame, sunscreen, sunglasses, carried out the quality of random inspection.Fatigue resistance index of frame, frame appearance quality,fake Ray Bans light transmittance, main test parameters, such as colour limit 97 sampling glasses products group, after the examination, unqualified 12 groups, percent of pass is 12.37%.
It is understood that in the sampling, three sunglasses light transmission ratio not qualified.Light transmittance sunglasses refers to the light through the lens of vis-nir light flux and projected on the surface of the luminous flux ratio, mandatory standard is the important performance index.According to the standard,Cheap Knockoff Ray Bans general sunglasses the visible light transmittance of between 8% and 40%.If the sunglasses of light transmission ratio index is unqualified, the light is not very well through the lens, can cause visual object fuzzy, grey color, visual fatigue.To this, the jilin province industrial and commercial bureau request, from the date of release, the operator should according to the sampling results released,Cheap Fake Ray Bans stop selling substandard goods.(reporter Ya-jing zhang/reports) The first peak BBS south China glasses retail enterprises from guangzhou is only trade co., LTD. Jointly organized with the guangzhou trade vocational school.Guangzhou is only trade co., LTD., founded in 2006, the agent products include tag heuer optical, thousands of new optical, seiko optics, than true optical, dirk optical products.As a professional lens, frame representative company, has been striving to glasses retail enterprise services.Guangzhou trade vocational school as eye optical whampoa, professional eye optical professional, established in 1976, for the development of south China glasses retail has made a positive contribution.

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