Hi My Friend,

I come to you this hour, only to let you know how powerful you are. I say this with all truth from the bottom of my heart because I kow that the positive vibrations of your thoughts and prayers can help me through this trying time of grief over the loss of my mother. It is however, a shame that we only use this kind of energy when crisis hits. What I mean is that, through the power and strength of your thoughts and words much good come into the world. The only thing is that we do not recognize that we should exercise the good all the time. What I mean is, all of us know that our greatest enemy is death and that death is nothing short of a disease. Yet we accept death as if it were a natural thing. However, with the power and strength of our thoughts and words, we can create what is needed to sustain life. I am not talking about wishful thinking, but of creation because it is through our thoughts that things come to be. It is through our thoughts that we create.

I know that all of us if not the majority of us have experienced the loss of a loved-one. Yet we never get use to the idea when it happens. It is as if DEATH is so un-natural, and it is, that's why it never feels right to us. Imagine if we can harnest the ability to live as long as we would like and that the only reason for dying would be by the choice of moving our souls up the evolutionary ladder. At present however, death is associated only with heartache, pain, and grief.

Too many of our old modes of thinking has put us in a stagnant state. We are stuck in the world of unbelieving and do not know our true potentials. What if we could preserve life to whatever age? What if we could create the technologies that enables us to teleport or make things appear instantaneously? Would we embrace it as a natural part of our growth and understanding of ourselves as human beings? Would we be able then to finally beat death and the pain and grief associated with it? Can we finally rid ourselves of so many myths about life itself?

I say all of this to you because it is never easy loosing a loved one. The pain and grief of it all stays with you and aids in the progression of your own demise because we have come to accept death as a natural part of life. Who Says? Right now, to me, my mom is still alive, but as a spirit, being invisible but still tangible to me, but if only that part of her could be materialized in a living, moveable and solid body, how happy that would make me. Now, my thoughts are for all the grief in the world to disappear for we need love instead.

Right now as I write, this issue is weighing on my mind so much more as now my dad is in critical condition on life support after having a masive stroke. I guess the thought of loosing my mother was too much for him to deal with. So, I ask you to keep those positive thoughts in mind for the LOVEFORLIFEALWAYS, for this is what we need to focus on now, more than ever.

Thank you for your kind and positive mental and spiritual support.

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Comment by Motorcycle Hippy Al on December 8, 2009 at 7:00am
Melba, and "Thank You for your kind and positive mental and spiritual support" and I agree with what Alice said below, also

"Peace be with You in these trying times" Love Al

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